Our Story
Philadelphia Sports Nation is a Philadelphia sports news site that is a member of the Wegryn Enterprises network. Philadelphia Sports Nation was founded in January 2012 by Jonathan Blum and Ricky Wegryn. The site is now currently managed by Ricky Wegryn, Vansh Bansal and General Manager Connor Cummings.

In March 2011, Wegryn and Blum created the¬†first Facebook page of the Philadelphia Sports Nation network, Eagles Nation. Soon after the sister accounts of Phillies Nation, Flyers Nation, Sixers Nation and Union Nation were created, and thus Philadelphia Sports Nation had begun to form. Maintained by Blum and Wegryn, the five pages quickly gathered popularity, collecting 10,000 total Facebook ‘likes’ across the five pages in just two months time. The fans of the Facebook and Twitter pages¬†demanded more, asking for features such as chat rooms, blogs and articles — thus the idea of Philadelphia Sports Nation was born.

Our Mission

To be the go-to place for everything Philadelphia sports, serving the East Coast and beyond.

We offer our viewers, the most phanatical sports fans in the world, the ability to share ideas, absorb information, and rant with impunity. We offer the latest news and everything you will need to know about your favorite team(s) in Philadelphia. Through Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram and Snapchat, we are committed to keeping our fans up to date on all things Philadelphia sports.


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