Wow, that’s not what we wanted. Is what the city of Philadelphia is echoing after a 7-0 Blowout in  Pittsburgh last night. The Pens came into the game with a pace that the flyers haven’t seen in a long time. Power play, pucks hitting gloves, Malkin skating around the tired Power play unit out of the box.. You name it, not ONE thing went the flyers way last night and the Flyer fans are still trying to figure out what happened last night.

From the beginning of the game, the Flyers looked outmanned and outclassed. Getting behind in the home teams building within the first 10 minutes of the first game of a seven game series IS NOT ideal in any scenario. Getting another quick one soon after the first took the wind out of the sails. With Elliot still not looking healthy, the Flyers needed to make sure that they could get loose pucks up the ice and out of the zone, and not even 10 minutes into the first period, you KNEW that it wasn’t going to be the case.

The next issue the Flyers needed to clean up was Ill-advised Penalties. Well lets just say, yet again THAT WAS NOT THE CASE. Going against the NUMBER 1 power play unit in the league you want to spend the LEAST amount of time on the PK as possible. The team looked sluggish, after a long grind to even get into the playoffs, the flyers lacked speed and were playing catch up all night.

The flyers need to weather the storm here on Friday, but that goes without saying. As of right now, 1:42pm, Dave Hakstol has came out and said that no changes will be made in the lineup. HOW? WHY? WHAT? I am with all of you on this one, YOU LOSE 7-0 and PLAN ON MAKING NO CHANGE? Hak from us to you, GET IT TOGETHER and LETS GO FLYERS.

Game 2 is Friday April 13th, at 7pm.


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