Philadelphia’s next great dilemma, should the 76ers rest Embiid one of the back to backs coming up this week, and maybe even a once every 4-5 games. Due to the London trip, the schedule has been brutal for the Sixers with multiple back to backs the past month and in the upcoming month. It’s so bad that they will only have one more two day break between games all season. Even though last night Joel told NBCSP’s Molly Sullivan that he isn’t fatigued and is just “frustrated”, I believe he is a mixture of both. There are pros and cons to both arguments. Lets discuss.

The biggest pro to resting Embiid a tad bit more than they have recently is we need him 100% for the playoffs. Yes, this comes with a con, because we need home court in the first round, but Embiid 100% rested is the most important thing heading into the playoffs. Regardless who they play, without Embiid being his usual dominant self they don’t have much of a chance to advance in the playoffs at all. Also, the Sixers could try to hold a lead for once and maybe Brett can rest Embiid for the 4th quarter. Especially with teams like the Knicks, Nets, Hornets, Grizzlies and Magic, handling those teams easily would take more and more minutes off of Joel heading into the playoffs.

Now onto the cons. The biggest argument against resting Joel is that we need to wins games. Every game matters, especially with how close the teams are from the 3-8 seeds. With the Sixers being almost a lock to make the playoffs (6.5 ahead of Detroit with 17 games left), it’s all about getting that 3 or 4 seed and home court for the playoffs. We can’t just assume games against the Knicks and Grizzlies are guaranteed wins and risk losing a game like that with Embiid sitting. Another con is that this is a major learning experience for Embiid. He’s finally getting to experience what it’s like playing a whole 82 game season. Yes, his recent struggles could simply just be a slump, but I guarantee next year at this time he will be a lot more in shape and ready to play every game at a high level for the playoff stretch.

What do you think? Should Brett rest Joel a little more with the playoffs creeping up?

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