Prepare the hallelujah chorus down Broad Street! The Phillies have their potential veteran ace for the 2018 season.

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 11th Jake Arrieta and the Philadelphia Phillies agreed to a 3 year, $75 million dollar contract pending a positive physical. This contract comes as a surprise considering all the leverage that Arrieta was trying to use to get a bigger, and much longer contract.

Speculation that he would sign with Philadelphia began about a month ago as Klentak started asking around for a price tag on Arrieta. The rumors did not cease for weeks and it looked like the Phillies were narrowing in on an agreement when the stipulated contract never materialized. Arrieta stayed adamant that he wanted at least a five-year deal and that was a no-go for the Phillies, but alas, something gave and Arrieta came to a meeting point with the organization.

The starting pitching need was a huge deal that needed to be fixed this offseason, and with the Phillies getting one of the biggest pitching free agents on the market this year it feels like a dream come true.

Arrieta will be the first Cy Young winning pitcher to don a Phillies uniform since Cliff Lee had his last appearance in 2014. He’s had a stellar career in Chicago with a world championship and an ERA of 2.75. Not to mention his two no-hitters with the Cubs. His stats had regressed a little last year but his stuff is still there and he knows how to get batters out with his proven talent.

This acquisition puts Philadelphia on the path for contention. Arrieta will possibly be apart of the Phillies as they make the push for the playoffs for the first time in about 6 years. It’s exciting to see that winning will be coming back to the red and white pinstripes.


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