The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. That will not get old any time soon. There are many discussions on how this team was able to accomplish so much with all of the adversity they were faced with. Obviously, there is not just one simple answer to this question, but one of the biggest reasons has to be the culture in the locker room. This Philadelphia Eagles team truly is a family, and that is a credit to the leaders on this football team. Malcolm Jenkins is arguably the heart and soul of this football team, and more importantly is the leader of the defense.

In 2014 the Eagles were in desperate need for help in the secondary and they looked to free agency for this help. Eagles fans and most “experts” identified Jarius Byrd as the guy the Eagles had to sign to improve the secondary. These same “experts” blasted the Eagles when they decided to sign the 26-year-old Jenkins for what people thought was too much money. T.J Ward was also available and he went on to sign with the Broncos for the same annual salary the Eagles gave Jenkins. It was also believed that the Eagles should have went on to sign Ward instead, and they ended up “getting a worse player for the same amount of money.” Since this decision Byrd has been cut by the Saints, who ended up signing him for almost double Jenkins annual salary, and has done relatively nothing productive. Ward was a solid player for the Broncos, and was a part of a super bowl win for them in Super Bowl 50. Ward also plays for another team now and had a nonexistent 2017. Meanwhile, since Jenkins has been with the Eagles he has been one of the best safeties in football. He also led a team full of injuries, and players who have been disrespected to a Super Bowl Championship. The Eagles decision to sign Malcolm Jenkins in 2014 was the first step to this could be dynasty. His leadership on and off the field is unmatched; the Eagles nailed this one.


(Photo: Michael Perez, Michael Perez, AP)

Greg Tenuto

My name is Gregory Tenuto; I am from South Philadelphia, and I currently attend Temple University.

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  1. justmebigbob

    February 22, 2018 at 11:49 AM

    BEST article i have ever read on reasons why the EAGLES have Been so great over the last few years. TEAM LEADERSHIP!


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