Philadelphia sports are most certainly on the come-up.

The Philadelphia 76ers, after years of always being the worst team in basketball, appear to be a playoff team now. The Philadelphia Eagles, a .500 team for the last few years, are the best team in the league. The Philadelphia Phillies, among the worst teams in the league the past few years, are still among the worst teams in the league. Every Philadelphia fan can’t help but see what is going on with the Sixers and Eagles and wonder when it will finally happen for the Phillies.

When will the Phillies finally be competitive like their Philadelphia counterparts? When will they look more like the “Golden Era” Phillies when you could witness a team gearing up for a playoff run instead of wondering what went wrong after a 90 loss season?

The Phillies have battled through some hard times in the hopes of finally being competitive again. The time for change is coming soon. A bevy of young talent acquired over the last few rebuilding years should finally arrive. Rhys Hoskins will be starting. Nick Williams and Jorge Alfaro, both recipients from the Cole Hamels trade from 2015, will be starting. Odubel Herrera, a second baseman turned outfielder from the rule five draft, will be back and relied upon heavily. JP Crawford, a high school shortstop taken 16th overall in 2013, could very well be starting.

2018 will be different compared to years past. While the Phillies are still working their way up to a playoff team, they have their first wave of prospects ready to play on opening day as opposed to seeing what they can do in September, when the season is over. With what this core did in Lehigh Valley together, we will get to see over a full season in the majors if they can do the same, and it should make for the most exciting baseball fans have seen in half a decade.

Phillies fans just need to hang in a bit longer, because this Phillies baseball team is on the rise.

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