The time is almost here. Sixers basketball is almost back in our lives, and the bright light at the end of the process tunnel is within our reach. Finally we can have some hope in a young and talented roster.

It will be great to finally see our patience pay off on the court, but if you’re anything like me you’re ecstatic that you can finally do some damage in NBA 2K with the current Sixers roster. The lack of depth, shooting, and a true star player have all been huge weak spots for the in game Sixers squads, but assuming health doesn’t become too much of an issue it seems that these flaws have been corrected. Let’s take a quick look at some of the studs rounding up the roster and what their stats are going to be/probably going to be.

Joel Embiid:
2K18 rating: 87

I have to start with the moneymaker himself, “JoJo.” He’s a videogame character in real life in video game. Only 31 games in and he has an 87 rating, which is very impressive, and I expect it could bump up to an 89 or higher. He is an elite rebounder and shot blocker, basically eliminating any chance of victory for opponents with a slasher play style. He has a great post game, and he has a far above average 3-point shot for a center. Centers can be tough to utilize offensively in 2K, but “JoJo” is versatile enough to produce no matter what skill level or experience.

Markelle Fultz:
2K18 rating: 80

The young blood starting his 2K career with an 80 is very impressive. We don’t have the full rating list, but it’s pretty obvious that his scoring ability is behind the high number. In 2K shooting is essential, and Fultz’s phenomenal jumper, both while stationary and off the dribble, will be the bane of many online opponents facing me this year. He also is a fantastic ball handler and finisher at the rim, which will not only give more scoring options, it will greatly supplement his shooting game.

Dario Saric:
2K17 rating: 72 (2K18 rating not available yet)

My guy Dario is a gritty player in real life. He goes all out, all the time. Unfortunately, 2K ratings can’t truly depict this aspect entirely. I believe that given more time to prove himself, and with a better team around him, his stats will be boosted a bit. Even with this seemingly low rating, he has a good mid range jumper/decent three point shot that make him a good third or fourth scoring option. He also has above average skills for his size which adds some versatility to create mismatches against opposing power forwards.

Ben Simmons:
2K17 rating: 79 (2K18 rating not available yet)

This is a hot topic. Ben Simmons has actually been told his 2K18 rating and is refusing to share it and has had a Twitter fight with 2K ambassador Ronnie 2K. Simmons has a bit of an ego, and I’m guessing that his rating this year remained 79 or somehow became lower. It’s hard to argue considering that he hasn’t logged any NBA minutes yet, even though it is very accepted that he is a generational talent.

It won’t take long for the rating to corrected after Benny puts the league in a bodybag this season. Because it is up in the air, I will evaluate Simmons from his 2K17 player. He truly is one of the most unique players in the league, and it shows in 2K. I personally run him at point guard, and have him guard the opposing power forwards. His ball handling, size, and speed allow him to get wherever he wants on the court, so he’ll be able to get some buckets driving to the whole. His jumper is weak, so his overall scoring game is forced to rely on his slashing which hurts a lot, but luckily he has a great passer rating that opens open many drive and dish opportunities.

Defensively he is the size of a center/power forward, and him and “JoJo” together in the paint is a guaranteed no fly zone for any poor soul that finds himself driving to the hole. It is almost guaranteed that bhe will get an improved rating shortly into the season, but even as he is now, he is an extremely tough matchup who will cause headaches for any opponent.

Other Notable Players:

JJ Reddick (2K17 rating: 78)- Maybe the best non-Warrior shooter in the NBA. Benny to J.J., all day.

Robert Covington (2K17 rating: 78)- A reliable enough jump shooter, with great physicality, and an underrated defender.

Jerryd Bayless (2K17 rating: 71)- A very solid backup point, with a great jump shot.

Richaun Holmes (2K18 rating:76)- A very above-average power forward with a mid-range jumper. He dropped from a 79 in last year’s game. Very underrated.

TJ Mcconnell (2K17 rating: 75)- Not a great asset in 2K honestly, but I’ll always give him minutes because he has a ton of heart.

Jahlil Okafor (2K17 rating: 79)- He’s always good for a trade in the GM mode.

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