Last night the Eagles played the Packers in their first preseason game of the 2017 NFL season. Despite a 24-9 Packers victory, there were certainly bright spots for the Bird Gang; some of the bright spots were Carson Wentz, Derek Barnett and Mack Hollins.    

Carson Wentz, QB

Yes, the franchise Quarterback should be performing well, but in one single drive Wentz already looked improved from his rookie-year self. It starts with his eyes. In two of his four recorded pass plays, Wentz was rushed in making a decision, and he handled it like a seasoned veteran. When the pressure came, he managed to evade it and keep his eyes focused upfield, looking for the open man. Another bright spot was his mechanics. In plays Wentz was rushed, he managed to realign himself in the correct position and not throw of his back leg-something he did far too much last season. His passes were on the money as well, making fans even more ready for the Wentz Wagon to start rolling this year.

Derek Barnett, DE

Barnett might not have played the entire time against first string lineman, but he was very impressive for his first time on an NFL field. He recorded two sacks in his first half, along with some hurries. Barnett recorded 4 tackles as well, two of them solo. All of these stats suggest that Barnett will not be another Marcus Smith. It will definitely be fun to watch the progression of the 14th pick in the 2017 draft.

Mack Hollins, WR

The lone touchdown of the game for the Eagles came on the first drive when Hollins caught a 38 yard touchdown pass from Carson Wentz. On that touchdown Hollins’ run after catch was impressive as he made two nice stiff arm moves and tiptoed down the sideline while making his way into the end zone. In addition to the touchdown Hollins caught 3 more passes worth 26 yards, finishing the game with 4 catches for 64 yards. He also made good contributions on special teams. Mack Hollins will be a good player to watch this season, especially now with the recent Jordan Matthews trade.

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