It can be hard to tune in to the Phillies game day in and night out, let alone shell out hard-earned cash to attend one.

The Phillies simply are not playing like a team worthy of $75 tickets right now, but the win-loss record shouldn’t deter hardcore fans away. There’s plenty more to a ballgame than seeing your favorite team play. Citizens Bank Park has its fair share of perks besides being a ballpark that has great views all around. Any seat is a good seat.

Whether you’re hoping for foul ball luck or waiting out a tough inning, there’s always a time to chow down on some ballpark goods. In Philadelphia, we do it big; like all places, there are specialties and then the usual hot dogs and pizza. A visit to The Bank means waiting in line 15 minutes for an order of fries- not just any-Philly’s own Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries, a fan-favorite and must have. If that’s not you’re thing, the classic Phillies hot dog is an option at many concessions around the park. If you’re lucky enough, it may be a “dollar dog night,” meaning one George Washington can buy a hot dog. What a steal! I almost forgot to mention, Greg “Bull” Luzinski has a BBQ joint named after him which serves delectable barbecue for dinner at the ballgame.

While we’re on the topic of foods, what about that sweet tooth? Don’t forget the ice cream in a mini replica helmet. The added souvenir is a bonus to the cool, creamy custard on a hot, sunny day at the ballgame. Cotton candy, and now water ice, are great alternatives for a sweet treat, too. Food isn’t all there is at Citizen’s Bank Park, there’s always fun involved for the family.

In terms of baseball, mascots are friendly creatures that appeal to kids who may not yet be invested in the game of baseball. The most famous fuzzy, green monster around would be the mascot, Phillies Phanatic. The Phanatic alone is a reason to visit Phillies ballgames this year during the midst of a lengthy losing schedule. While the Phils sit at 32-61, the green monster and his Galapagos Gang hang out to entertain fans during their stay at the game. Many times, his antics with the opposing team, usually involving his quad, fuels laughter from all parties. During the seventh inning, he makes his way onto the Phillies dugout and roots on the men in red while showing off his dance moves with youngsters.

Phillies Phanatic was ranked as the best mascot in baseball by Good Morning America in 2015 after being snubbed by Forbes in 2012 to arch-rival mascot Mr. Met. Fans around the state know the Phanatic as the greatest and will always be number one in the hearts of Philadelphians. Whether the ball club is going for the pennant or in last place in the NL East, his reign as top mascot will not change. Our beloved furry green monster is here to stay. Catch him at the ballpark if not for the game itself.

Okay, okay… I’m no expert on baseball stadium, I admit. However, it is fun to talk about other fun things like food and mascots once in a while while the team is in a deep rut. Sometimes, it’s a needed relief from talking about the game itself.

The Phillies have been winning some games these days, and the offense has seen some life recently. Though they may be losing more than winning still, a baseball game is still a great downtime activity for families and friends. My go-to for tickets is StubHub. The tickets are at a discount as the official reseller of Major League Baseball.


Photo by Ken Martin via Flickr

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