My Sixers group chat, “Trust the Process” has been constantly buzzing since the draft lottery. Everyone thought we could do something different with the third overall pick. Some believed in Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, or De’Aaron Fox. Others wanted the Sixers to trade it back for draft picks 5 and 10. Some of us came up with ridiculous trade scenarios that made each other laugh. But, we all agreed on one thing, we really wanted Markelle Fultz. Last Friday was the craziest day on Sixers media I had ever seen, and by the time Joel Embiid and Dario Saric posted this selfie and a Markelle re-tweet; Sixer Internet was certainly broken.

Markelle Fultz may have never spoken of his preference of where he wanted to play, but if you think about Fultz, the Sixers seem like the perfect place. Fultz was born in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, a quick 2-hour ride up to Philadelphia. In his one season in Washington, Fultz admitted that he was never homesick being nearly 3,000 miles away from home because his mother, Ebony Fultz, and long-time trainer, Keith Williams made regular trips out to Seattle.

Fultz was asked to give his thoughts of what it would be like to be a Sixer, “I think it would be pretty cool just being with the young team, I think the upside of it would be crazy. And like I said, I am close to home, so a lot of my family can come out and show love, and this city has great fans.”

The 76ers were the third youngest team in the 2016-17 season. Adding Fultz and with certain older players not returning or no longer with the team, their age average is only going to go down, while the talent continues to go up. Ben Simmons (20), Dario Saric (23), Joel Embiid (23), Robert Covington (26), Richaun Holmes (23), Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot (22), and Markelle Fultz himself, (19) – May 29, 1998. If the Celtics drafted Fultz he would be joining a much older team, and may not have been given the opportunity to start right away behind all the other Celtics guards.

Fultz may have admitted that he was not homesick nearly 3,000 miles away, but like he said, he is going to be close to home and his family and his friends are a car ride away to see him, and he is a quick car ride down to see them.  Fultz may not have been so fortunate to have close friends and family see him play if he was drafted by LA and was forced to move back to the West Coast.  Fultz has the tattoo, FOE on his stomach.  Family Over Everything.  Symbolic for both his tight group of friends and family.

Fultz Trusts the Process, he even said so himself on the Sixers sideline while Fultz watched them play on April 5th. Fultz will be given the opportunity to blend right into a young, committed, stable, up and coming team. Fultz will be given the opportunity to start right away, something he may have not been offered anywhere else in the top three.  Fultz has commented on the atmosphere of the Wells Fargo Center and will certainly get used to the Luxury of the Philadelphia 76ers Sporting Complex . Fultz understands Philadelphia sports, even paying tribute to them:

Both Fultz and the whole city of Philadelphia seem to be ready to win. 


Fultz’s dream was to make it to the NBA to help take care of his family. And now, his mom and sister will be regular attendees at his games.  Tomorrow night this will become a reality thanks to the Philadelphia 76ers.

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