When the Eagles are on the clock Thursday night, there will be several talented players on the board to choose from. Many people around the league expect the Eagles to target defense with their first pick because the team upgraded the offense during free agency. While corner and a pass rusher are probably the two biggest needs on the team, if there is an offensive player that is rated highly on their board they should select him. The team addressed the wide receiver position with Alshon Jefferey and Torrey Smith in free agency, but both players are on one year deals and could potentially be gone after the season. Carson Wentz needs players that he can grow with on offense and develop chemistry with over time, so that when the team is ready to contend they will already have proven playmakers.

The best player available at 14 on Thursday could very well be Western Michigan’s Corey Davis, who happens to be the FBS all-time leader in receiving yards with 5,278. Davis was incredibly productive in his four years in college, with 334 career receptions to go along with three straight 1400+ yard seasons. His ability to put points on the board is obvious given that he reached the end zone 52 times in his career.

A great player is someone who opponents do all they can to scheme him out of the picture, but still manages to produce and make them pay. With his size and speed combination, Davis fits the bill. He is a nightmare matchup for all corners because of his ability to win in any facet of the pass game.

Davis wins at the line in variety of ways, but his most notable strength is his route running. Most receivers coming into the league rely heavily on their natural talent, but once they reach the league they have a hard time separating from corners because they are just as talented. Corey Davis is detailed with his routes and always does a good job of setting up defensive backs.

Additionally, Davis has the ability win in both the big and small game due to his athleticism. His 6-2 size can go up and get the ball at its highest point, but he also can win with his ability to pull away from defenders.

If Davis is on the board when the Eagles are selecting, then the team should strongly consider adding a prolific offensive player like him to their roster.

Photo: Jakob.Enos (via: Wikimedia Commons)

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