With the legal tampering window starting today and the official  start of free agency being less than 48 hours away, the Eagles find themselves in a position to add a potential impact player once the new league year officially starts on Thursday. At 12pm eastern on Tuesday, teams were allowed to begin to start the negotiating process with agents of potential players that they would be interested in. This time frame gives teams the ability to gauge the market and see what player x would cost in comparison to player B. The Eagles have been linked to pretty much every wideout that is set to hit free agency and those reports continued today. One name that has peaked the interest of the fans is Terrelle Pryor, the former Cleveland Brown who has only been playing wide receiver for two years.

There is no secret that the Eagles are in need of some new receivers, so the report linking Pryor to the team is not surprising. There are several reasons why Pryor should be a target for the birds, one being that he is rare athlete at the position measuring at 6’4 230 pounds and running a sub 4.4 at that size. His smoothness in and out of routes are pretty amazing considering he has only been playing the position for two years.

Pryor has the size to beat press coverage and the ability to come down with the ball in 50-50 situations. With him being so new to the position there are certain nuances that come with the position that he can improve such as route running. Though he will be 28 when the season starts, he does not have the normal wear and tear of a receiver going due to the fact that he had been played Quarterback prior to signing with the browns last season. The link between the Eagles and Pryor has not come from out of nowhere, after playing the birds this past season Pryor spoke glowingly about Carson Wentz. There was also the retweet by Pryor of a podcast with Albert Breer of the MMQB in which GM Howie Roseman talked about the Eagles young franchise Quarterback. All of this could just be posturing by the soon to be free agent or he could have legitimate interest in signing with the Eagles. 

With the team having certain limitations in regards to cap space in comparison to other teams around the league, if there is one thing that Roseman knows how to do it is work the cap. The Eagles are expected to make some cuts and or potential trades within the next couple of days to open up some room. The number for receivers was set this past week with Antonio Brown signing for 17.5 mil per year, there are those that believe Pryor could be looking at between 9-11 million per year with guarantees being in the mid 20s. It remains to be seen if the Eagles will do what it takes to bring in Pryor, but there is no denying that he could provide a massive upgrade to the wide out position and be the play maker that Carson Wentz needs.

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