The 2017 Philadelphia Phillies are an interesting team when it comes to their expectations and what we as fans should expect from this ball club. There are certain fans out there that might be okay with waiting it out until this team is ready to compete, while others are in win-now mode. The thing about that is, what is the franchise itself thinking? Do they expect to be contenders? Are they just looking to improve a little more in hopes of the future continuing to look bright? It’s something that will be very intriguing to watch for this team throughout this Spring and Summer.

We can agree that the expectations might vary for this ball club. We know our fan base. Some of us are admittedly impatient, while others are willing to wait, as long as it pays off in the end. The one thing that is always on our minds heading into the season is whether or not the team can win more games than the year before. Even with those of us who are “Trusting the Process”, we want to see this team improve in the win column. We went ahead and asked our followers on Twitter this week how many games that they believe this team can win. Here are the results:

85-90 wins: 10%

80-84 wins: 42%

75-79 wins: 42%

70-74 wins: 6%


The Phillies were 71-91 last season, meaning that a combined 94% of our followers believe that they will ultimately improve upon those numbers. 84% of voters believe the Phils will win anywhere from 75-84 games. 10% think that they can be good enough to win 85-90 games. Pete Mackanin already said when the Phils arrived to Spring Training that his goal would be to get this team to a .500 record. As we can see here, there are some out there that think the Phils can beat those expectations.

Clearly, hopes are high for this ball club. So much young talent has to eventually lead to success. In my personal opinion, I think this team will end up somewhere in that 75-79 win range, so I would be part of the 42% in that statistic above. I do see this team improving upon last year’s 71-91 season, but I don’t see them being able to overcome the other teams in this division on a consistent enough basis to overtake them this year. The Mets and the Nationals are just a little too top-heavy and established compared to the Phils who will eventually have some star power, but I just don’t see it adding up this year.

So let’s try to put an answer on our original question here: What should fans expect from the 2017 Phillies? Well, it all depends on whether or not we want to take the chance of being disappointed in the end. We all know how it feels to set high expectations and have those expectations flop (see 2009-2011 for details). I think what we need to do is just enjoy the ride and not have too many expectations. Here’s a life lesson for the day; sometimes, when people always have expectations for things, they always end up disappointed. Therefore, stop setting expectations. Just say to yourself, “Let’s just take things day by day instead of trying to meet a specific mark,” or something along those lines. Okay, I’m not a psychiatrist or a life coach for a reason, but you get what I mean.

This team should and will be a lot of fun to watch. If they don’t improve upon last year’s 71-91 season, we can’t help but be disappointed. I think if they show enough improvement in a number of areas, though, this will be a pleasant season of Phillies baseball.


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