Here’s a list of things pretty much every Eagles fan knows:

  1. Howie Roseman loves to make trades
  2. Mychal Kendricks and Connor Barwin are much better fits in a 3-4 base defense
  3. The Eagles need playmakers on both sides of the ball

So, keeping in mind the above three things, is there any chance Howie uses Kendricks, Barwin, and the 14th or 15th overall pick to move up in the draft? Obviously, this is all speculation on my end. Still two months away from the draft, there hasn’t been a whisper of teams wanting to trade up or down, and there won’t be for another couple of weeks. But it does sort of make sense, especially if the Eagles fall in love with a prospect in the coming weeks before the draft that they don’t think will be there at 14/15. Could the Eagles trade up two years in a row?

First of all, it’s no big secret that the Eagles will probably move on from both Barwin and Kendricks sometime in the next few weeks. But while many fans think they’ll be cut, I have a sense they are more likely to be traded, because both still have obvious trade value. Connor Barwin is just two season removed from leading the NFC in sacks with 14.5. He’s had a total of 31.5 sacks since coming to the Eagles and is a veteran leader both on the field and in the locker room. While he’s getting up there in age (30), he’s still under contract for another two years and there’s no real reason to think he can’t continue to produce. Moving back into a 3-4 would also allow Mychal Kendricks to do what he does best, blitz and blitz often. At 26, he’s still in his prime and under contract for several more seasons. These are two guys that could provide veteran leadership to a defense in need of playmakers. It also just so happens that there are 3 teams in the top 10 picks of this years draft who could have serious interest in Barwin and Kendricks; the Tennessee Titans, the New York Jets, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

So potentially, the Eagles would send Barwin, Kendricks, the 14th or 15th overall pick, and probably a future second or third round pick to one of those teams to be able to move up to either the 5th, 6th, or 7th overall pick. From there, the Eagles would easily be able to grab one of the top playmakers in this draft, whether its an offensive or defensive guy. Potential player include Dalvin Cook, Corey Davis, Marshon Lattimore or Reuben Foster. Of the three teams listed, I’d especially keep my eye on the Titans. The Titans are just of the cusp of competing and they have two first round picks this season, at five and 18. Adding two veteran players could help fill some holes they have, better their team, and take some pressure off rookies to contribute at a high level right away. Now I wouldn’t hold my breath on something like this happening. While the Eagles have managed to recuperate most of the picks the traded away last season, trading up is always risky. But it is an interesting thought and certainly not an impossible situation.

Max Burka

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