As expected, the 2016-2017 Sixers season has been extremely unpredictable. As it stands, the Sixers are sitting at 17-27 and only 4.5 games out of the 8th seed. ¬†Who would have thought? ¬†However, one of the biggest stories of the Sixers season has nothing to do with basketball. ¬†It has to do with cats. You’re probably wondering “what the hell have the Sixers fans done this time?”. ¬†Not so fast though, the details behind this trend may tug at your heart strings.

The trend all started with twitter user @GipperGrove. ¬†Good old @GipperGrove was inspired by Ben Simmons and his two cats ability to perch on his shoulders. After a Sixers win, @GipperGrove raised his cat in the air, snapped a picture, and captioned it “#raisethecat”. ¬†Since the first tweet went out, the trend has done nothing but grow. ¬†Fans make it a ritual, media members contribute, and even Sixers players are getting in on the act.

The #raisethecat movement has reached heights that I’m sure the creator could not have imagined. ¬†@GipperGrove recently created a T-Shirt that depicts Ben Simmons with a cat on his shoulder, while wearing a Joel Embiid long sleeve shirt. ¬†Ultimately, this is the best Sixers themed shirt that you could own. ¬†Proceeds from all shirt sales are going directly to @PhillyPaws, which is an organization that saves unwanted and neglected animals in the City of Philadelphia. ¬†Shirts are on sale now at

At times, Sixers fans get a bad reputation. ¬†We have been called crazy, weird, cult members, and scheme trusters over the past three years. ¬†One thing you can’t deny is that we know basketball. ¬†We know basketball and we use that platform to make a positive impact on the Philadelphia community. ¬†Win or lose, we are Philadelphia and they are our 76ers, no matter how bad the record. ¬†May the process continue and may cats be raised for years to come.




Jeff Lawson

Process Truster, Teacher, Owner of @MadeForPhilly on Twitter ----> Follow for Sixers Updates

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