Process, process, process. It’s engraved into our DNA at this point as Philadelphia 76er fans. Joel Embiid may indeed call himself “The Process”, but we all know the true process is what starts to unfold the moment first overall pick Ben Simmons first takes the court at the Wells Fargo Center. No shot to Embiid’s talent, because he indeed is the poster child for the so-called ‘process’ era of the 76ers. After all, patience was the virtue with him and the two-year project that finally led him to the court this season was in fact, a process in and of itself.

The Real Process Begins

Yet, the big picture ‘process’ of this team begins when a potential superstar in the making, Ben Simmons, finally gets his first crack at NBA action. The possibilities of an Embiid and Simmons on the court at the same time strikes a chord of hopefulness through the hearts of Philadelphians. And for a team that has dragged its fanbase through the mud these last three seasons, it’s the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

For now, Embiid is a reason to finally head down the Wells Fargo Center and actually watch a Sixers game for the first time in years, but when Simmons arrives, it will be the reason the arena starts selling out more often than not for the first time in a decade.

Until Simmons is ready, barring a tragic determination by the Sixers brass that he will sit out this season, and with the way they’ve handled injuries it’s not out of the realm of possibility, we can only wait and watch what is, in all honesty, another tank year. Right now the Sixers, despite Embiid’s brilliance, are the NBA’s worst team with a putrid 7-23 record.

The only hope now is to pray that we get a few months to see and evaluate Simmons before the end of the season. In which heading into the off-season with another top pick and possibly another lottery pick from the Los Angelas Lakers, maybe, just maybe next season could be the first non-tank year in what seems like a decade-long “process”.

Vote Embiid to the All-Star Game

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