We’re now ten weeks through the season and the Eagles continue to show promise. Dispatching the Falcons at home did a good job of showing both the strengths and weaknesses of this team and with those in mind, here’s my second Eagles only mock draft of the season.

Round One: Jourdan Lewis, CB – The way the Vikings are falling, the Eagles should wind up in a position to grab one of this year’s top corners’. At 5’10”, Jourdan isn’t this biggest CB in this year’s draft, but he is perhaps the best playmaker of the group. Well above average coverage ability and good speed paired with a nose for the ball means Lewis can make a play anytime a QB wants to throw his way. He’s also a very good fit for Schwartz’s’ defensive scheme.  Pairing him with the Eagles talented safety duo, and perhaps a veteran number two (Nolan Carroll), would give the Eagles the best secondary they’ve had since the early 2000’s.

Round Two: Nick Chubb, RB – I’m not as high on Nick Chubb as most fans seem to be, but he would be a great fit for the Eagles. A Ryan Mathews type player with a much higher ceiling, Chubb is the bruiser the Eagles need. Chubb is a solid one cut runner, who does a good job of staying patient in the pocket and is good in pass protection. Pairing him with Wendell Smallwood would give the Eagles the solid one-two punch they thought they would have in Demarco Murray and Ryan Matthews.

Round Three: Chad Wheeler, OT – The Eagles offensive line situation is not as dire as most people think, especially considering that Big V has been playing rather well recently. But they could always use depth, mainly at tackle. Wheeler is one of the bigger prospect’s coming into the draft this year, at 6’7” and 310 pounds, he’s well equipped to deal with even the best college pass rushers. That being said, like most 3rd round offensive line prospects he’s not a guy who will come in and make an immediate impact. He’ll provide good depth in case something happens, and in the mean time can develop his footwork and jump off the snap.

Round Four: Jehu Chesson, WR – Chesson could turn out to be a mid-round steal. Great size (6’2” 203 pounds) and speed combined with a reliability and toughness not seem in most prospects, Chesson could be the guy Carson Wentz needs. He’s biggest issue is his lack of frame, which can lead to him being overpowered by defensive back’s. But he’s got good hands for the most part, and can stretch the field well. He’s also smart, often finding holes in the secondary because of it. He’s developed well under Jim Harbaugh, and is a solid under the radar prospect in this year’s draft.

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