1. Carson Wentz continues to look like a rookie – Sometimes he plays very poorly, sometimes he moves the ball incredibly well. Still, it’s obvious that Wentz still has a long way to go before he can join the ranks of elite NFL QB’s. More time to work on his mechanics and develop with his team should help him quite a bit.
  2. Eagles are desperately missing Lane Johnson – While Doug Pederson’s play calling was questionable yesterday, there really isn’t anything wrong with being aggressive. And while the blame is in no way only on them, the O-line didn’t hold up much on either play, and it’s obvious that the Eagles miss Lane Johnson.
  3. Doug Pederson needs to work on his time management ability – I won’t get into his play calling, because I can’t fault him for wanting to be aggressive. But in another game where the Eagles could’ve used every possible second, the clock management wasn’t very good. It’s something the rookie head coach will need to work on in the coming months.
  4. Eagles really need a running back. On 4th & 2, the Eagles called a designed run play for Wentz. On 4th & 1 the Eagles gave the ball to Sproles, who is in no way a short yardage runner. This all adds up to the fact that the Eagles don’t yet have a running back they trust. With a deep, if not overhyped, draft class in 2017, the Eagles should be able to find someone the like before next season.
  5. Eagles really need a wide receiver – Bryce Treggs looked alright in his first start, Zach Ertz came to play for the first time in a while, and the Wentz to Matthews connection continues to grow. Still, the Eagles also need a go to guy at WR. Look for them to try to find one in either the free agency, the draft, or both.
  6. Eagles really need a corner back – Sensing a pattern here? Leodis McKelvin gave up 3 touchdowns yesterday (although to be fair, Jaylen Watkins ran into him on one), Ron Brooks is out for the season, and Jalen Mills and Nolan Carroll have both been pretty average. The Eagles need to find a number one guy, and everything else should open up. Carroll is good enough to cover number two and three guys and Jalen Mills is well suited for the slot. Find a number one guy, and the defense will be much better.
  7. Defensive line is playing well, but needs to finish plays – Brandon Graham is balling out, Fletcher Cox is plugging a lot of wholes, and even with out one of its best players, the Eagles D-line is playing very well. While they’re getting consistent pressure and collapsing the pocket, they need to finish plays.
  8. Eagles may have figured out their best defensive scheme – The Eagles have gotten above average play from Jordan Hicks and Nigel Bradham this season, and below average play from all of their other linebackers. But by playing in the nickel package (4-2-5), the Eagles may have found a solution to both their linebacker and defensive back play. They played it a lot of Sunday, and we can expect a lot more of it in the future.
  9. Jim Schwartz needs to blitz more – It’s well known the Schwartz doesn’t like to blitz. But it is a necessary part of football and he needs to find a consistent blitz schedule, so to speak. The Eagles are getting consistent pressure, but rushing four guys against anywhere from 5-7 guys is tough for even the best to get sacks. Blitzing more will open the window for the Eagles D-line to do their job.
  10. The team in new and young, but show’s plenty of promise – This Eagles team in new in every sense of the word. The three longest tenured players; Jon Dorenbos, Brent Celek, and Jason Peters are the only players who have been with the team since before 2010. Considering many of the skill positions have been here for less than 5 years, it’s not surprising that everyone’s not on the same page. Still the team is staying in every game, have not lost by more than 7 points in any game. So while things may be tough, the future looks very, very bright.

Photo Credit: Robert Fitzpatrick (via: Flickr)

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