Enjoy it Royals fans, the fervor of having a championship-winning team switches hands in a mere 12 hours.

The Kansas City Royals would love to retain the title, but their reign as “king” of the baseball world will come to an end, being they are not in the October (and, now November) Classic.

Game 7.

That lone game is the finale to the 2016 season which will crown either the Cleveland Indians or the Chicago Cubs as World Champions. Both teams are long overdue for the baseball crown. Cleveland has been waiting 68 years for glory, and the Cubs are looking to breakthrough and end a 108-year drought.

Reminiscing back to eight years ago when the late, great, Harry Kalas made the final strike out call as the Phillies claimed the World Series title, the memories still shine on. However, the unfortunate reality is, the Phillies will not be winning the title this year, but the good news is, the New York Mets or New York Yankees will not be either.

Since that time though, there are parallels this year to 2008 when the Phillies basked in the championship.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly how.

Joe Maddon.

  • Then, he brought the Tampa Bay Rays to the World Series in search of his- and the team’s- first championship. Since the Rays’ inception, it was 10 years for the city’s search for a World Series win.
  • Today, he bears a young, lethal Cubs team to the Fall Classic in search of his first title as manager. Though it will not be the Cubs’ first title, it will be a long time coming since 1908.

American League.

  • Then, the American League held home-field advantage after winning the All Star Game, as the Rays hosted the Phillies for games one and two. The Phillies ultimately won in game five in Philadelphia, of course.
  • Today, the AL holds home-field advantage after another All Star Game victory. As a result, the Cubbies will travel to Progressive Field, unable to clinch the series at their home Wrigley. If the result mirros that of the Phils’ in 2008, then Cleveland wins the series on their home turf.

Red and Blue.

  • Sure, a majority of teams in Major League Baseball go with the classic American color scheme, but since 2008, there has been one matchup of red vs. blue (2011 Rangers/Cardinals).
  • The Cubs and Indians represent the blue and red color schemes very well and go head-to-head for which will reign supreme this year. Keeping with tradition, the red team has won. Phillies, Cardinals, and Indians?


  • Whomever winds up the victor, history will be made one way or another. In 2008, the Phillies and Rays played in the first suspended World Series game- game 5 at Citizens Bank Park. This game proved to be the final game of the series in the Phillies win.
  • The Cubs and Indians can make history in the sheer length of time between championships, being the two teams with the longest World Series droughts. Also, Corey Kluber looks to make history as only the 14th pitcher in MLB history to record three World Series wins in a single series

The pressure is all on Kyle Hendricks and Corey Kluber to set the tone early as the starters in this one. Both have contributed stellar numbers to their respective pitching staffs, but the regular season numbers are a moot point.

With all things said and done, the Cubs and Indians hope to put on a show and win the game for their hometown, sending them into a frenzy and an early holiday season. It’s all hands on deck for the World Series finale.


Photo: Laslovarga (via Wikimedia Commons)

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