As if the Sixers didn’t have enough big unknowns, emphasis on big. Dario Saric has decided now is the time to join the already crowded Philly lineup. The 22 year old, 6’ 10” prospect will be a part of the 5 forwards/centers that Coach Brown will need to mix and match until an elite lineup is formed.

Saric is almost a Croatian identical of Ben Simmons (minus the Lebron James potential). Saric and Simmons have similar versatile skill sets. Both could play the 3 while the other plays the 4. Both players can dominate the glass and then turnaround and push the ball up the court.

The Sixers are excited to have three potential Rookie of the Years in Saric, Simmons, and the finally healthy Embiid. All will fight for minutes and all (hopefully) will produce to their potential.

Saric probably won’t start early in the season. He will mostly be used as the 6th man coming into the game giving Embiid, Noel, Okafor, or Simmons a rest. But if the sixers wanted to play big, they could have a line up of Simmons, Jerami Grant, Saric, Noel, Embiid/Okafor. This lineup would tower over smaller guards.

Nobody truly knows how Saric’s legacy in the NBA will end up. It’s not always easy transitioning from Euro league to the NBA. However, players like Toni Kukoc, the Croatian star some have compared Saric to, have led successful NBA careers. Time will tell if Saric was worth the hype.

All in all, it should be exciting to watch how the Sixers talent comes together and finds some chemistry. Philly has enough skill and size to make a drastic turnaround and make a run for the playoffs.

Photo: Leo Hidalgo (via: Wikimedia Commons)

Riley Woron

Freshman at William & Mary. Sixers Analyst at Philly Sports Nation.

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