The rumor mill is abound for the world of football.  As many teams are deciding on their next prospect to sign in the summer, the Union are also considering their trade options and possibly some exciting things are to come.

The first rumor concerns one of the most famous, or infamous depending on how you see him, football players in the world Mario Balotelli. Europe has not been kind to Balotelli in the past couple of years. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has left him off of the roster for the first friendly matches and dealings with AC Milan have not gone well.  He is on the last year of his contract at Liverpool and if he is not sold to another team by the end of his contract it is rumored that Liverpool will buy him out making him a free agent. Also, he stated that is not interested to move to the Turkish side Fenerbah├že, who have expressed massive interest in him this year.  His desire to play in Europe is quickly being drawn into question.

Balotelli is by no means an old or bad player. At just 25 he is approaching his prime and can still pull off incredible moves and goals on the pitch.  Also he has star power and his name alone can still sell tickets and merchandise.  The next move might possibly be China and its exploding league with international talent.  However there is another option, the MLS.

The two markets that could be considered for Balotell is Chicago and Philadelphia.  The Union are an attractive choice but the pricing of Balotelli is one that makes for serious issues.  Liverpool are getting rid of him for pricing and the salary, not to mention that his career has been filled with off the pitch issues and hilarious but very insane public incidents.  While Balotelli would add a massive boost in prestige, talent and star power to the roster, the personal life and the salary may be a bit too much to handle for the Union organization.

The next possible trade working its way into the rumor mill is someone who, compared with Balotelli, is a little less unknown.   Jorge Aparicio is a 23-year-old central defensive midfielder currently playing for Comunicaciones Football Club in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Comunicaciones are the current Guatemalan champions and Aparicio is one of their key players.  His position wound not be a replacement over Nogueira but rather he would be upgrade to Brian Carroll in the lineup.

According to, Aparicio is currently training separate from his team.  While he has no reported injury it could be scouts are giving him a look and if he decided to come to the United States, the Union have the first look due to him being on the discovery shortlist, as long as the organization puts down a good price.

Aparicio should fit into the budget, since he plays in Guatemala and his star power is only limited to small area.  With new efforts by the organization to look for talent in Central and South America,the likeliness that Aparicio will suit up for the Union is becoming a bit more likely.

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