Philadelphia, PA – Since the season ended for the Eagles on Saturday, December 26, 2015, there had been endless chatter about Eagles and Fletcher Cox signing a contract extension.

Those doubts and concerns were laid to rest earlier this week when Fletcher Cox and the Eagles signed a record breaking 6 year extension. I wont go heavy into the details because that article was already written, Click Here to check it out.

Earlier today, Howie Roseman and Fletcher Cox both stood before the media to talk about the signing.

Before too long into Roseman’s questions it came up, “What made it happen now?“. What had recently changed that the two side were able to figure it out and get the deal signed. Here is what Roseman had to say:

I think I just said yes. You look at the contract, it wasn’t a leverage game here because we understood that at some point we had to get him under contract long term to build here. So it did go for a long period of time. I feel like we fought the good fight and we really tried to do the best we could so we can keep more players around here. But at the end of the day, we need Fletcher Cox going forward. We need that player in the middle of our defense. We believe in getting pressure on the quarterback and preventing pressure on the quarterback and he can do that for us.”

So the hold up was simply trying to wait it out for a lower price, one that never came. It makes sense considering the Eagles have shelled out around 280 million dollars in guaranteed money this off-season, but that is another topic itself.

When Fletcher Cox made his way to podium, the first question he was asked was of course about the time it took for the contract to be agreed on. “Obviously, Fletch, this took a while. Were you confident the whole way that this would get done? “

Not at one point was I concerned about it. I don’t think I was ever concerned about it. I knew there would get it done. When you’re dealing with stuff like that, I think it just takes patience and a lot of time. They got it done. I’m really happy and excited about it.

Eagles fans continue to rejoice as the idea of six more years of the “Man-Dog” in Midnight Green sinks in. Great job by the Eagles to get this deal done, Fletcher Cox will surely strike fear in opposing offensive coordinators for years to come.

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