Although the season isn’t quite over with continuous blowout wins in the finals, Sixers fans are eating up all the rumors surrounding that fateful pick. Will it be Ben Simmons? Brandon Ingram? Possibly Jamal Murray?

Given that the Sixers already have four big men, things would be easier if the next Allen Iverson was on the draft board. With the favored number one pick being a 6 foot 10 240 lbs big man, it’s hard to see Simmons being the best fit.

Simmons strength comes from physicality and a creative knack to fool defenders. At this point in his career, however, he can’t guard current NBA stars. His jump shot also needs work, something the Sixers desperately are looking for.

This is one of the areas where Brandon Ingram outshines Simmons. Ingram’s lanky 6 foot 9 structure allows him to shoot over most defenders with ease. Simmons shot 41 percent from outside the arc. Ingram’s huge (ironically small) setback is just how skinny and thin he is. At 195 lbs he will get bullied in low post areas by the mass majority of forwards matched up against him.

Long term, either player has the natural talent and smarts to be an effective playmaker for seasons to come. Both have to work on their weaknesses though if either wants to reach their ceiling.

It’s most likely that the Sixers take Simmons and trade one of their current big men. Next year’s starting lineup could look like C Embiid, PF Noel, SF Simmons, SG RoCo/one of our other 1st round picks, PG Ish Smith/whoever we get in the trade for Okafor, with Dario Saric and Jerami Grant coming off the bench.

Whether it’s Simmons or Ingram, the Sixers are about to start a new era of dominance with multiple championships to come.

Photo: TonyTheTiger (via: Wikimedia Commons)

Riley Woron

Freshman at William & Mary. Sixers Analyst at Philly Sports Nation.

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