The Eagles announced that they have signed second overall pick Carson Wentz to a 4-year, $26.68 million deal, with a $17.6 M signing bonus and a 5th year team option. With this signing, the Eagles officially have all their 2016 NFL draft picks under contract. The Eagles also become the first top-5 team to sign their first round pick. Rookie mini camp starts this Friday where Wentz will be available to talk to the media. One interesting note, the deal contains offsets for guaranteed money, which essentially means that should Wentz be cut before his rookie deal ends, the money from the team he signs with is deducted from the money the team would still owe him. Offsets caused the Titans and Marcus Mariota to have some contract issues last year (he wasn’t signed till July) but Wentz agreed to offsets terms before the Eagles traded up to number two, making their lives much easier.

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