So Sam Bradford has returned to the NovaCare Facility, like Jamie Lannister returning to King’s Landing. Only, Bradford has both of his hands intact, and his arm is certainly far from golden. And his agent, Tom Condon, playing the role of Brienne of Tarth, ensured his return to the Eagles. Let’s not forget for a moment that Condon almost switched his role to Roose Bolton, who would sell Bradford off to the highest bidder.

Bradford, like the Lannisters, overplayed his hand. He held out, and demanded that the team trade him. I’ll never understand that – when a player “demands” a team, that is his employer, do something that the employer may see as detrimental to the organization. It would be like me, in my time as an NCO in the USAF, placing a “demand” on my commander. It wouldn’t last long.

In classic Cersei Lannister form, it showed Bradford’s true colors. If he can’t have the throne, send me to a kingdom where I will be given the throne from the moment I arrive. Again, it doesn’t quite work that way. The money was certainly a sticking point, to be sure. However, when Bradford and Condon made their trade demand, in the eyes of the league, Bradford became branded.

Forget that he’s a Heisman Trophy winner, and that he does some funny commercials with the Nissan Heisman House. Forget that he holds records at Oklahoma today. Forget that he was the 2010 NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year. Forget all of that, and focus on one thing: He quit. He saw the team trade up to No. 2 in the Draft, and, like a petulant child, he quit.

Now, since I’m doing a Game Of Thrones reference throughout this posting, I suppose I could say that this is where Bradford began to act like King Joffrey, and we all know how that turned out for him. Certainly, nothing as drastic will take place here. But, it certainly begs the question: Is Bradford the right man for this job? Forget, for the moment, that it would be a tremendous hit to release him. The team can do to him what the Redskins did to Robert Griffin; just deactivate him every week. What I want in my quarterback is one who inspires my team, much like the kings in Game Of Thrones inspire their bannermen. They all believe in their king, and are willing to die fighting for him. Bradford doesn’t give off that vibe. He never really has, either in St. Louis nor in Philadelphia. He seems like a guy that just shows up, collects his money, does a sub-standard job, and leaves. I didn’t catch one hint of being a leader last year.

Bradford and Condon went way out of line. And, when they realized there would be no takers, they came crawling back to King’s Landing, begging Tywin to be re-admitted into the fold. And, like Tywin Lannister, the now has it over both Bradford and Condon, go try to find a better deal. You won’t get it. Condon knows his client could have been had on Draft Weekend for a ham sandwich. Nobody took the bait. It lets Bradford know that he’s not as good as either he thinks he is, or that his agent thinks he is.

For now, the team is stuck with Bradford. And like so many of the arranged marriages in Westeros, this one is doomed to fail. Would it be best to cut their losses now? Perhaps. But, Carson Wentz, like Tommen, isn’t ready to lead, and Chase Daniel would just be seen as a placeholder. Let’s just hope that, as training camp arrives, Lord Varys hears something from one of his birds and that Bradford can be moved. For, in Philadelphia, his watch is surely over.

Fly Eagles Fly!



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