In keeping with my draft theme, I’ve decided to release my first ever “big board”. That is, the top 25 players in this years draft in my opinion. I’ve ordered this list based not only on my own experience and tape watching, but of others around the league as well.

  1. Jalen Ramsey (FS) – One of the most versatile and talented players to come out of college is recent years, Ramsey’s athleticism, football IQ, and pure skill makes him the best player in this draft. He’s well worthy of being the first overall pick.
  2. Laremy Tunsil (OT) – Tunsil’s talent is obvious. No person his size should be able to move like he does. He’s not a perfect prospect (who is?) but he’s as close as they come. He’ll be a franchise left tackle for years for whoever drafts him.
  3. DeForest Buckner (DE) – a work horse if there ever was one, Buckner has the ability to be on the field for every defensive snap. While he’ll probably be limited to a team that runs a 3-4 defense, he’ll be a stud for any team.
  4. Myles Jack (OLB) – Jack is my favorite player in this draft. One of the best, if not the best linebacker prospect to come out college in a long time, Jack can do it all. Stop the run, rush the passer, and he’s got great coverage skills. He’s fast, smart, and has so much talented. I would love for the Eagles to snag him, but considering he’s worthy of the first round pick, I doubt it happens.
  5. Jared Goff (QB) – Only one QB makes my top 5, and despite his small hands, Goff is certainly worthy of a top pick. The best QB in this draft in my opinion, Goff has the smarts, size, and arm to be a successful NFL QB.
  6. Ezekiel Elliot (RB) – There’s no denying it, Elliot is one of the most complete backs to enter the draft ever. He’s a talented runner, a good pass blocker, and is very good at catching balls out of the backfield. So why isn’t he projected as a top 5 pick? Elliot isn’t the pure rusher that many teams desire. Still though, Elliot is worthy of a top 10 pick for sure.
  7. Joey Bosa (DE) – I’m not in love with Bosa, as many people seem to be. Talented for sure, Bosa only gets so much attention because of one standout season. He’ll have a good career, but I don’t think he’s as talented as many people make him out to be
  8. Ronnie Stanley (OT) – Stanley is an interesting prospect. He’s talented, but he also got a high bust potential. The consensus 2nd best offensive tackle, Stanley has a long way to go to prove he can be the franchise left tackle the team that drafts him is looking for.
  9. Vernon Hargreaves III (CB) – The best pure corner, Hargreaves will give the team that drafts him lots of security on one side of the field. His only downside? His height, as he stands at only 5’11”.
  10. Shaq Lawson (DE) – This draft class is stacked with defensive ends, and Lawson is one of the best. He’ll get to the QB, and is capable of doing whatever is asked of him.
  11. Carson Wentz (QB) – I don’t like Wentz. I don’t think he has enough experience playing, and I don’t think he’s ready to face the talent, intensity, or competitiveness of the NFL. That being said, he does have goof fundamentals, and because it’s a QB needy league, he’s getting more hype than he deserves.
  12. Darron Lee (OLB) – I like Lee, and he is very talented, but I’m not sure he is ready to step and in be the top linebacker for a team. He’s still worthy of this spot though.
  13. William Jackson III (CB) – This is probably a bit of a shocker. But Jackson is probably the best true cover corner in this draft. With good size and intelligence, I fully expect Jackson to develop into a shutdown corner, or at least as close as one could get to that title.
  14. Laquon Treadwell (WR) – I’m still undecided about who is the best receiver in this draft, but I’ll stick with Treadwell for know. He’s big, physical, and reminds me Dez Bryant. He’ll be a top 5 receiver in 5 years in my opinion.
  15. A’Shawn Robinson (DT) – Another talented defensive line prospect, Robinson has great size and body control, which allows him to work in tight spaces. He’d probably be a top 10 player if this draft wasn’t so stacked with defensive lineman.
  16. Jack Conklin (OT) – A franchise tackle for sure, Conklin can be plugged in just about anywhere in the early seasons of his career, before becoming the starting left or right tackle a team needs.
  17. Eli Apple (CB) – Another talented corner in a deep defensive draft, Apple is good a pretty much everything he does. His size and game remind me of Patrick Peterson in many ways.
  18. Sheldon Rankins – Again, he only falls so far because there is so much talent along the defensive line. Rankins has the ability take on multiple blockers and command attention or get pressure on the QB around the end.
  19. Reggie Ragland (ILB) – A versatile player with great work ethic, he’s always around the ball. He can be to aggressive in his attack, causing him to miss tackles occasionally, but he’s still very talented.
  20. Taylor Decker (OT) – The last offensive lineman in the top 25, Decker is aggressive and talented, but sometimes plays with a slowness I can’t really describe and don’t like. Still though, he’s got the fundamentals to succeed.
  21. Corey Coleman (WR) – Another top receiver, Colman stretches the field with his speed and catch and go ability. At only 5’11” though, he may lack the speed to match up well against big corners. Reminds me of Josh Huff in some ways.
  22. Mackenzie Alexander (CB) – I don’t like Alexander as much as others, as I think his size and poor footwork will cause him problems in the NFL. Still though, he’s got speed, and good hands, and might transition well to a slot corner.
  23. Andrew Billings (DT) – This guy is ridiculously strong. He’ll charge up the middle, and command lots of attention. Good mix between power and speed. He does need to work on his anticipation however.
  24. Robert Nkemdiche (DT) – Good size, athleticism, and power, uses his lower body strength to really beat offensive tackles. However, he often plays to fast and out of control to always be effective.
  25. Leonard Floyd(OLB) – Great burst from the start, he’s also got great power when he uses his hands. He gets to the backfield quickly, but there are questions about his weight and durability.

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