Today Philadelphia Eagles’ Howie Roseman addressed the media at the 2016 Annual Owners Meeting, but did he raise more questions then he answered? Here is what he had to say about drafting a running back in the top 8:

“We studied this. There’s this narrative that you can get running backs in the fifth, sixth, seventh rounds and undrafted free agency, but when you look back at the last ten years and the guys who were in the top 10 in rushing, those guys are high picks. When you find a special guy at that position – a guy who can run the ball, pass protect and catch the ball out of the backfield – that’s a unique weapon. So I don’t think the position is devalued. Talking to Doug, obviously we come from the same school of Andy (Reid) and what he can do with those kinds of guys. Obviously we have them in Ryan and Darren, but when you really look at it, and I had some time over the fall to do that, you see that it is hard to get guys later and the top guys are coveted.”

This immediately can be taken one of two ways, first being that the Eagles Brass think very highly of the running back position. Roseman pointed out that Pederson and Reid’s offense worked around having a truly gifted running back. Andy Reid, while in Philadelphia had the luxury of LeSean McCoy and Pederson had a similar situation as the Offensive Coordinator with Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles. Both players are absolute game changers with the ability to score any time they have the ball in their hand. If Roseman and Pederson think that the best option in the first round is a running back, it is very possible that Ohio State Buckeyes’ standout and 2015 Heisman Trophy Candidate Ezekiel Elliott is that guy. Elliot is an extremely explosive player and shown that time and time again. He left his mark at Ohio State and was deemed “Legendary” by the student body after he recorded three consecutive games with 200+ yards rushing. His stats certainly defend that title:


The second thought process is “This has to be a smoke screen”.

The big thing about LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles is both of their talents were found outside of the first round. Howie Roseman may have quite purposefully pointed out the connection between Pederson’s offensive history and an elite running back, but not for the reason some think. If the Eagles have the eye on someone else in the top 8, they could be trying to create a better market for Elliott in hopes to have there player fall through the cracks. There are couple of players that have been slated to Eagles over the past couple of weeks. The big names are Jack Conklin, Ronnie Stanley and Vernon Hargreaves III. All of these players would also have an immediate impact and are all likely day one starters.

I personally like the idea of drafting Elliott at 8th overall and sounds like the Eagles are not going rule it out.

Photo via Philadelaphia Eagles dot com Press Pass


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