Twas the day before deadline, and all through the league, the Sixers were looking, for none other than Jeff Teague.

To clarify, it’s highly doubtful if at all possible the Sixers wind up for Teague, and they would have to give up a lot for him. However, Jeff Teague is the kind of player the Sixers would love to get their hands on.

With the deadline quickly approaching many are anxiously waiting for the classic Hinkie trade explosion at the last minute. This deadline may be different from those in the past as it is very unlikely the Sixers make any major changes to the starting core.

The holes the Sixers need to fill are an All Star caliber point guard, a consistent three-point shooter, and a guard who can play elite defense. The Sixers most appealing assets are young rising big men in Okafor, Noel, and potentially Embiid and Saric.

The problem with believing that the Sixers will make a franchise-changing trade is the level of play around the league. First of all, there are very few teams that are even close to contending with the Warriors, Spurs, or (when they play well) the Thunder. Most of the middle tier teams will be looking for a short term solution involving most likely veteran studs. The Sixers don’t have any key role players that would lead a team to a championship this season.

Another problem is that the Sixers are in major rebuild mode. This means they want what they already have: early draft picks that can get potential for very cheap. Jerry Colangelo already expressed his desire to wait until the summer for any major rebuilding. He also stated he’d “like to see [the Sixers] very competitive in three years…that means not just making the playoffs.”

Expect a few big name players to move to new teams. Maybe Griffin, Melo, Carter-Williams, or Dwight Howard. Don’t expect any of these skill level players to fall to the Sixers. Don’t be surprised by a few bench players to leave Philly for a high round draft pick. Maybe think twice before you buy that Isaiah Canaan Sixers jersey.



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Riley Woron

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