As the trade deadline inches closer and the Flyers continue to inch closer to a playoff position, it looks like the Flyers will be more of buyers than sellers come February 29. Like recent past trade deadlines, the Flyers are with limited cap space and will not be willing to trade youth for short term help. If the Flyers stay in playoff contention, here are a couple names the Flyers could go after.

P.A. Parenteau, RW Toronto Maple Leafs

This is the most obvious choice for the Flyers to go after. With only a $1,500,000 cap hit and an expiring contract at the end of the year, this is a low risk, high potential trade for the Flyers. With Sean Couturier out for 4 weeks, the Flyers will be in need of top 6 forward talent and Parenteau can fill that role in nicely as he has 25 points in 50 games with the lacking Maple Leafs offense. Mostly known for his pass first mindset, Parenteau could be a great compliment to Matt Read’s shoot first mentality on the second line. Parenteau would probably cost a 3rd or 4th round pick, which isn’t too much for a team that is trying to make the playoffs.

Jonathan Drouin, LW Tampa Bay Lightning

Although unlikely the Flyers get Drouin it could happen under the right circumstances. If the Flyers take the league by storm in the coming weeks and are in a playoff spot by February 29th, Ron Hextall might make a big splash to give the team a higher chance of making a deep playoff run. Being only 20 years old, Hextall would not be risking the future of the team by getting Drouin and would still be helping the team now. Drouin, Giroux, and Voracek would have the potential to be one of the best lines in the league. To acquire Drouin, the price would be hefty as Lightning GM Steve Yzerman reportedly is asking for a lot. To get Drouin, the Flyers would probably have to give up one of their big 4 on defense (Morin, Provorov, Sanheim, Gostisbehere) and a later round draft pick. Obviously Gostisbehere and Provorov aren’t going anywhere, but Sanheim and Morin could be in play, with Morin being much more likely. Although it is not likely this happens, the Flyers play in upcoming weeks might urge Ron Hextall to make his first big trade splash.

Eric Gryba, D Edmonton Oilers

Ever since the Flyers traded Luke Schenn, the Flyers have been in need of a big right handed defensive defenseman. Eric Gryba fits this bill at 6’4 228 lbs with a plus 1 rating with the rather poor Oilers defense. With only a $1,300,000 cap hit and an expiring contract, Gryba would be a nice addition for the Flyers defense if they continue to stay in playoff contention. Gryba would only cost a 4th or 5th round pick as the Oilers look to continue to stock up on draft picks.

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Jon Falcone

Junior at Rutgers New Brunswick Double Majoring in Economics and Sports Management.

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  1. Alex

    February 16, 2016 at 1:48 PM

    No. No. No. PAP is a UFA in the summer. Why would we ever trade ANY pick for someone who costs nothing in a couple of months? Drouin is a complete question mark. No way I’m trading any of our D prospects for him, which would be needed. And same thing for Gryba, why trade for someone who is UFA? It’s 100% best to realize we aren’t a playoff team and need to play the season out and hope for a good draft pick


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