As the Eagles gear up for the stretch run—and their early start to the playoffs—and the coaches gameplay for an ever-improving Redskins team. In this truly bizarre, rollercoaster season, no player better exhibits the up-and-down characteristics of the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles.

At 6-8, the Eagles have had their bright spots this season, beating New England in Foxboro and stuffing a hot Giants team. However, throughout the year there has been an aura of failure, and a sense of loss that comes with an underachieving team. The Eagles have won back to back games only twice this season, and have never sat over .500.

Similarly, Jordan Matthews has had a mediocre year overall: the former Vanderbilt Commodore has averaged 60 receiving yards on 5 catches in 14 games this season. He’s put up big numbers at times, especially in the Arizona game where he racked up 159 yards. Matthews also played well in the season opener, and scored the game-winning touchdown in overtime against the Cowboys.

However, Matthews has had his share of disappointing performances. Even in that Atlanta game, Matthews dropped what would have been a first down on a possible game-winning drive, causing the ball to land in the defense;s hands for an interception. Leading up to that memorable Cowboys game, Matthews had been heavily scrutinized for dropping passes. especially in the 27-16 loss to the unbeaten Carolina Panthers. He dealt with a hand injury in the middle months of the season, and would disappear in certain games, catching five or more passes in only seven of the team’s 14 games., and only twice in the last seven contests. On top of that, Matthews was somewhat mocked by the media this week for celebrating a garbage-time touchdown against Arizona, which merely brought the Eagles within 20 points with 14 minutes left.

Whether this Eagles team is able to reel off back to back wins and qualify for the postseason remains to be seen. However, players like Matthews have proven they have the talent to take over a game, and to outplay the opposing defense. Unfortunately, their consistency has led to the Eagles’ overall mixed results.

In other words, if Matthews plays like the 1,000-yard receiver he is capable of being, the same way the other offensive players must play to their potential, the Eagles pass offense will soar. If these weapons underproduce and fail to show up, the team’s playoff hopes will be dashed. One thing’s for sure: both Matthews, the rest of the offense, and the Eagles in general, are neither as bad, nor good, as they’ve looked at times this season.

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