Another weekend of Eagles football awaits! LeSean McCoy and the Buffalo Bills will travel to Lincoln Financial Field to take on the Philadelphia in this much anticipated showdown. I spoke with our staff here at Eagles Nation to hear what their predictions were for this week. This is what they had to say:

Vansh Bansal (): Eagles Win 26-16

Now everyone know the explosive that the Bills have on offense, between Sammy Watkins and McCoy there is plenty of room for error on this Eagles defense. “Red zone defense (is the) key in (this) game.” Vansh stated, knowing very well there is a strong chance that Bills will be able to move the ball with their strong rushing attack. Another big factor that Vansh hit on was Eagles QB as he predicted that “Bradford has a strong showing”. Now this is a solid prediction because the Bills enter this week with the 22nd rank defense in passing yard allowed, that paired with the recent news that the Bills will be without their top cornerback Stephen Gilmore along with line backer Nigel Bradham make it a very passing friendly game for Sam Bradford.

Sean Matthews (): Eagles Win 24-20

After everything that happened in this past week with DeMarco Murray, rumors of his unhappiness  and wanting to head back to Texas, is this game a chance to clear the air. With full confidence Sean predicts, “(This is a) DeMarco Murray statement game, (he) gets his carries.” Hopefully this he is right this quiets the calls for Murray to be ran out of town and allows our guys in midnight green to focus on football. Continuing on the theme of running backs, he went on to say “(Eagles) defense holds McCoy just enough to hold on… this game Sunday is going to smash mouth”.

Ben Rudnick (): Bills Win 28-17

While not seeming to quite believe in the Eagles ability to show up in back to back weeks against good teams, Ben has predicted the Eagles will not have such a great weekend. Even after a strong defensive showing against a normally potent New England offense Ben had this to say, “The defense let’s Shady (McCoy) run over 150 and a pair of touchdowns”. Not a big vote of confidence for the defense and it didn’t stop there as he went on to show a similar opinion for the opposite side of ball, “(The) offensive play continues to be average, at best.” All in all, it seems Ben is planning for the worst this his prediction that leaves the Eagles struggling to win at home once again.

Calvin Koerber (): Eagles Win 24-14

Coming off a monster win in Foxborough where the defense and special teams play were absolutely brilliant, this prediction suggests that momentum will continue to build. “ Defense plays lights out.” Calvin predicts, before going on to say “DeMarco has around 80 yards rushing and a TD“. Pushing all the drama in the Philadelphia area aside and predicting Murray comes to play and plays well says a lot about the outcome of the game. In games where DeMarco Murray has rushed for over 80 yards  and had a touchdown the Eagles are 3-0, two of those wins came right here in Philadelphia. So if this prediction is right and Murray is on his game, the Eagles could very well put another win in the books, recording back two back wins for the only the second time this season.

Max Burka ():  Eagles Win 24-21

The 2014 special teams unit in Philadelphia was ranked 1st in the NFL because of its incredible play that seemed to be a game changer every week. That has back slid a fair amount in 2015 as they have struggled to put points on the board in the some fashion they did just a year prior. But last week fans of both the Eagles and Patriots saw the talented unit rise from the ashes with a blocked punt returned for a touchdown with 8 seconds left in the second half, to the huge punt returned for a touchdown by Darren Sproles that extended the Eagles lead. The Eagles special teams unit was nothing short of phenomenal this past week. Max makes an extremely bold prediction on how the Eagles win a tight contest, having this to say “Special teams (will) block a last second field goal for the win”. Woah is right! This prediction says that the Eagles will hang in there all game and will be saved once again by a mind blowing play from their special teams. The “Linc” would be beyond loud if this prediction comes true.

Brian Rogers (): Eagles Win 28-23

Brian is another firm believer that the special teams unit of last week was not a fluke and is here to show they are a force to be reckoned with. Brian started by saying “The defense/special teams makes one big play to help the offense“. It’s hard to imagine all momentum being lost on special teams, but then again it is tough to think they will out of nowhere be overly effective and consistent. But “one big”, that is very possible. “Shady keeps it close for the Bills” Brian said, “he will have a  good day”.  Now this is prediction doesn’t come easy because it admits the Eagles defense lacks the ability to stop a good running back. We have watched players like Doug Martin and Theodore Riddick make huge plays against the Eagles in recent weeks, so there is plenty of room for doubt with McCoy coming out of the backfield. When it is all said and done, Brain thinks the Defense and Special team will have done enough to chalk it up in the win column. 

My Predicition (): Bills win 28-24

I believe the Eagles have the talent to win this game; however, that talent has been very inconsistent this season. For a win this week Eagles would need to have monster games from outside linebackers Connor Barwin and Brandon Graham, as well the entire defensive line. With Taylor under center and McCoy in the backfield the outside linebackers of the Eagles must set the edge and hold backside containment on almost every play. This is very tough task. As far as the defensive line goes, if they are unable to produce heavy pressure through out the game Eagles will be force to pull extra players out of coverage to blitz and add to the rush. This would likely leave a one on one match ups on defense with a single high safety, which would leave Sammy Watkins in a great position to do what he does best. The Eagles will show up and be competitive but in the end, I think they fall short.



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