For the past few weeks, I”ve been on the same roller coaster as the rest of the Eagles faithful. I watched with cautious optimism as the Eagles defeated Dallas. I really hated it that the team lost Jordan Hicks, but ,they showed a spark that I felt would carry them in the following weeks.
After the Dallas road game, the team was coming home to play a couple of winnable games. They would be hosting a team that fired it”s coach in mid-season, and another team with a rookie quarterback.
They proceeded to lose both of those games.
They didn”t just lose those games. They either had no fire during the course of the game, or, they got a big lead, and stopped playing. Miami came in to Philadelphia, begging to lose a game. They won, because Mark casino Sanchez did what Mark Sanchez does: avoids the open man to throw an interception.
Then, the defense, or more specifically, the secondary, proceeded to make rookie Jameis Winston look like an all-pro. Winston”s 5 TD passes, along with Doug Martin piling up 235 yds of rushing made me feel that the team was unprepared, and looked past this game. Following that game, the talk was that coach Chip Kelly would be looking at college jobs, like USC or Miami.
But, despite those gaffes, the NFC East is still winnable. No team has really established themselves as a clear front runner.
But, somewhere, this team has to decide it wants to win. They have to decide that they want to be great. In ten games, so far, I”ve seen a very schizophrenic team. One week, they want to do great things, the next week, they couldn”t beat a college team.
The schedule will not do them any favors, either. After Detroit, New England and Arizona await the team. And, with only six games left to play, there”s really no room for any more losses.
So, what”s it going to be, Eagles? Play well today, get a road win, and enjoy ten days off, or, lose again, and start looking to the draft? It”s really up to you. Someone in that locker room has to stand up and make the decision that it has to start here.

Fly, Eagles….Fly!!!!!

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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