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As the NBA season unfolds in front of fans of the Delaware Valley, Sam Hinkie’s science experiment has been stirring the pot in front of local media. As he tests the tanking process for the third straight year, Hinkie has everyone’s attention—and only Verizon services can keep the spotlight on him.

Verizon FiOS‘ exceptional television package carries the viewer-favorite channel Comcast Sportsnet, which carries the local Sixers broadcasts whether they play the high profile Warriors or the lowly Lakers. To follow the pregame and postgame action, including player interviews, press conferences, and expert analysis from basketball pundits and former players alike.

Another aspect of the NBA season is the widespread interest in fantasy basketball, which is also made better by the Verizon team. Fans can use Verizon’s stellar internet services to check the latest injury updates on their players prior to gametime, and to make last-minute lineup changes just prior to 7 PM.

Clearly, Verizon’s services will make the 2015-2016 NBA season a year to remember for Philadelphia basketball junkies, even if the Sixers make it one to forget.


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