With Bradford completing half of the seasons’ snaps for the Philadelphia Eagles, the last conditional pick that could be received has now been wiped, as Adam Schefter reported earlier this week.

With this pick out the window we can now take a look back over the first half the season and see who “won” the trade.

With Sam, there have been many ups and downs that have sent ripples all through-out Philadelphia. Some fans love him while others scream irately for Sanchez, some even called for another QB trade. With Bradford coming off of a two year stint without a regular season rep, it was largely expect for him to have a slow start. That paired with learning a new offense and having a new team only extended the timeline for his success.

However, with Bradford’s electric preseason the “Superbowl” chattered started in the city of brotherly love and even found its way to Vegas. This was the worst thing that could have happened early in Sam Bradford’s time in an Eagles uniform. Most people overlook the fact the teams in preseason run mostly base defense and do not game plan for their opponents. Not to suggest that Kelly game planned each week, but if you do not run, practice or plan for the extremely high tempo offense that Philadelphia has become used to, you will lose. Plain and simple.

With that said, Bradford coming out of the bye week and half way through the 2015 season, is night and day from week one and looks to be gaining momentum.

Week 1 – Away at Atlanta Falcons:

36 for 52     336 Yards     6.46 Yards Per Pass     1 Touchdown

2 Interceptions     49.4 QBR     77.1 Passer Rating

Week 9 – Away at Dallas Cowboys:

25 for 36     295 Yards     8.19 Yards Per Pass     1 Touchdown

0 Interceptions     73.8 QBR     103.4 Passer Rating

Week 9 is also a huge change from the last time Bradford faced Dallas in Week 2 in Philadelphia.

Week 2 – Home VS Dallas Cowboys:

23 for 37     224 Yards     6.05 Yards Per Pass     1 Touchdown

2 Interceptions     5.3 QBR     65.6 Passer Rating

Fans are beginning to see the progression of the Bradford with flashes of extreme accuracy, quick reads, and quick releases, but did the Eagles win in this trade? To find that answer we need to look into former Eagles passer, Nick Foles.

Foles, following “The Trade” this spring signed at contract extension with the St. Louis Rams to keep on the team through 2017. Nick Foles lit up the city of Philadelphia and NFL with a record setting year in 2013. While only starting 13 games, the new starter racked up 27 touchdowns with only 2 interceptions. Foles also added a NFL Single Game record tying, 7 touchdown performance against the Oakland Raiders on his way to an NFC East Championship and 2013 Playoff Berth.

This unfortunately was Foles’ high point of his career in Philadelphia. 2014 held a major step backwards for Foles, his number dropped dramatically in comparison to the year prior, however the Eagles special teams unit was very exciting to watch this year and made a lot of major plays to keep the offense afloat. In week 9 of the 2014 season Nick took his last snap as the Quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, leaving game with what later was diagnosed as a broke clavicle.

This year in St. Louis things have opened a little differently for Nick Foles, apposed to Sam Bradford

Week 1 – Home VS Seattle Seahawks

18 for 27    297 Yards    11.0 Yards Per Pass     1 Touchdown

0 Interceptions    57.3 QBR     115.8 Passer Rating

Week 9 – Home VS Minnesota Vikings

18 for 33     168 Yards     5.09 Yards Per Pass     0 Touchdowns

0 Interceptions     29.2 QBR     68.8 Passer Rating

Based on the overall numbers, it looks like Chip Kelly is going to get the win in my book. Bradford has showed improvement in one form or another every single week since week 3 and is on pace for a couple career bests’. Chip Kelly’s offense is starting to show life a the Eagles have won 3 of their last 4 games,¬† averaging 31.5 Points Per Game and 449.25 Yard Per Game in those match ups.

This Season (Estimate Totals)

390 for 620     4,122 Yards     63 Completion Percentage

Career Best

328 for 551     3,702 Yards     59.5 Completion Percentage

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