Yes, the Eagles did beat the Giants and with that win the Eagles are in first place in the worst division in football at 3-3. If the Eagles are going win the division and make any sort of playoff run, it’s going to have to come from the Eagles defense. The defense has held the Eagles together when the offense has failed to put points up on the board. The defense allowed only 7 points on plays and also forced 3 turnovers. Besides the first Giants drive when they allowed a touchdown, and I thought the Giants were going to walk all over the Eagles. The defense stood strong and looked fantastic getting pressure on the Manning and forcing him to make poor decisions. If the Eagles are going win the division and make any sort of playoff run, it’s going to have to come from the Eagles defense.

The Eagles offense looked awful on Monday night. The Eagles ground game finally seems to have gotten some traction going in the right direction. In Eagles wins, the Eagles have run for over a 150 yards as a team. Kelly needs to feed the ball to the three Pro-Bowl caliber running backs, instead of putting it on Bradford. If Kelly runs the ball it will eventually free up the passing game. The passing game on Monday night did not look good, even the touchdown pass to Cooper was under thrown and nearly picked. On some plays Bradford looks great and on other’s it looks like he has no idea what he is doing. Bradford threw three interception, two of which should never have been thrown and were over throws. I don’t know if it’s because he hasn’t played in two years and he’s just shaking off some rust, but Bradford has to do a better job of taking care of the football. If Bradford doesn’t improve, he will not be the starting quarterback of the Eagles next year. If the Bradford and the offense can eliminate the turnovers this Eagles team has a real shot to make a deep playoff run.

The Panthers are up next on Sunday night, if any game on their schedule is a ‘must win’ it’s this game. The Panthers come into this Game undefeated and ranked first in takeaway differential. If the Eagles defense can get some pressure on Cam Newton like the game last year against the Panthers and if they can shut down Greg Olsen. The Eagles offense must eliminate turnovers especially against this group of linebackers, they will be the toughest group of linebackers they will face this season. I think the Eagles end the Panthers undefeated season, with a close game and the Eagles coming away with the victory 31-24. Until Sunday night, Fly Eagles Fly!


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