Philadelphia Sports Nation¬†has signed a deal with Tide that will promote the company’s NFL Color Captains and¬†‚Ä™#‚ÄéOurColors‚Ĩ¬†programs that promotes NFL team’s colors and how they connect the players and fans.
Philadelphia Sports Nation and our Philadelphia Eagles coverage team, Eagles Nation, will be working with the Philadelphia Eagles and Eagles color captain Darren Sproles as Co-Color Captains. We will be leading the charge in sharing unique and engaging branded content throughout the season via Twitter with the account, @TideNFL, and the hashtag, #OurColors.

For more information, head to our parent company account Wegryn Enterprises.

Be sure to stay up to date on the program and much more coming from Tide and Philadelphia Sports Nation!

Ricky Wegryn

I am the Owner and Founder of Philadelphia Sports Nation

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