Yes, the Eagles are 1-3. Yes the Eagles did lose to Kirk Cousins and the Redskins last week. They looked awful and all out of sorts as they did for the other games they have played this season. The Eagles offense has yet to play two full halves of football, and they continue to play from behind, all hope for the remaining of the season will be lost.

All the Eagles defense had to do was stop Kirk Cousins and the Redskins offense from scoring a touchdown on their last drive of the game, which the Eagles defense couldn’t do because their defense was gassed. They had been on the field for roughly 35 minutes and over 60 plays, that a lot for any defense in football.

Chip Kelly has preached that he doesn’t care about time of possession he just wants to run more plays than the other team, which they haven’t done all season. If Chip Kelly wants to turn this season around the offensive line has to step up and be better. He also might want to have the offense slow down, they aren’t going as fast as when Nick Foles ran the offense. They are running plays faster than most other offenses. Running plays as fast as possible isn’t what this team needs, with what happened in the off-season and because of injuries.

Yes running plays fast does tire a defense out, but it doesn’t tire a defense out when the Eagles offense is off the field and special teams is on to punt after a 3 play, 2 minute drive. Kelly needs to allow the offense and offensive line get in groove, he needs to figure out a new system for the players he has. Unfortunately much to his dismay, running plays as fast as possible with a bunch of news guys on the offensive line isn’t going to help this team out.

There is still hope for this Eagles team, the division is wide open. A win tomorrow against the Saints could potentially put the Eagles could be tied for the lead in the division. The Saints won’t be a walk in the park tomorrow, they have to play four strong quarters on both sides of the ball but especially on defense or else Drew Brees will pick them a part. I think the game will be a close one tomorrow, the Eagles will win 24-17. The Eagles offense will have a few bright spots but won’t play a full game. The Eagles defense will have a solid performance against Drew Brees and company. The 2013 Eagles started out 1-3 as well and they went on to win the division and finish 10-6, which is still very possible. Yes, there is still hope for the Eagles season with a win tomorrow.

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