Doom and Gloom. Doom and Gloom. Doom and Gloom.

I get it. There is a lot to be upset about after the Eagles recorded the 3rd loss of a season that started 4 short weeks ago. I get it.

I have been talking to my colleagues and friends after the games this year, listening and voicing my opinion, and it turns out each week we’ve agreed on at least one positive takeaway .

So instead of posting yet another article bashing the offensive line, which everyone knows is my go to this year. I have decided to start a series I’m calling “The Silverlining”. Named after one of my Wife’s favorite movies,”The Silverlining Playbook”. If you aren’t familiar, it’s about a fanatic Philadelphia Eagles fan who is constantly looking for the brighter side of any given situation.  DeNiro is in it. Check it out.

So for each week the Eagles lose, I will be writing an article that highlights the progress made and what positives we can take away from that particular week.

This week my take away is pretty easy, because when it happened every Philadelphia fan was out of their seats cheering and high-fiving their friends. I’m talk about the first true glimpse of the play making ability of Sam Bradford. With a little help from “Eagle Eye in The Sky” & “GregSKennedy” Vines, you can see that Bradford is truly making strides in the right direction.

In the video below you can see Bradford standing tall in the pocket, quickly reading the defense and putting the ball on Nelson Agholor with full confidence.

Now it would be one thing if Bradford only made a play like this once; however, latter in the game he struck again. Throwing a perfect ball to Riley Cooper in stride for a touchdown. Highlighted in this video, you can see Bradford manipulate the Free Safety with his eyes. Bradford forces the Safety to open his hips in the wrong direction, even though it was only for a brief second it allowed Riley Cooper to get the extra space needed to breakaway.

Another lingering question that has been brought up over and over again about Bradford, is his mobility. The next clip shows Bradford using his legs to extend the play, make a read on the move, and pull the trigger. Result? Celek walking untouched in the endzone for six.

In this next clip, Bradford shows off his razor sharp accuracy.  Showcasing his velocity and accuracy, Bradford places the ball where only his player can catch it in very, very tight coverage. Unfortunately, Nelson Agholor was flagged for a penalty on the play and the touchdown was nullified. Impressive none-the-less.

This last clip may not seem like much, but it is my favorite play of the game. Bradford fakes the hand off to Murray, which freezes the inside backers, and gives him options in the passing game. This is where his vision shows improvement, Matthews is wide open for the quick crossing route and big gain, but Bradford quickly analyzes the field and makes the call to throw it deep. The pass is perfectly thrown and hits Miles Austin in stride in the endzone for an easy touchdown.

So with all the negatives that have been talked about early this year, you can clearly see improvement since week one and if this continues Bradford will be well worth the 2nd round draft pick that was given up.


Greg Kennedy

Philadelphia Eagles beat writer, husband, and business owner. But mostly I just like drinking beer. #EaglesNation


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