Paul Domowitch reports that a league source has confirmed that Kiko will have knee scoped by Dr. Andrews to check the severity of the ACL sprain. If minimal damage Kiko will be back fairly soon with a little rehab. If lax, surgery is inevitable.

Not really a lot there but at least now know what’s going on in Florida.


In today’s press conference Chip Kelly’s first question was about Kiko Alonso and his health. Up until this point everything has been a seemingly endless tunnel of indirect answers and limited information.

Well, nothing has changed.

When asked about Kiko, Kelly said “He is still in Florida rehabbing with Dr. Andrews” and went on to say that’s all he knew right now.

Now this can be interpreted a couple different ways.

One is that Kiko is actually “rehabbing” his knee and his progress towards return has already begun.

Another is that Dr. Andrews gave the same diagnosis of a grade 2 ACL sprain with laxity and they are running test to see if they can avoid surgery.

Kelly also through in the statement that “Kiko is not an Injured Reserve type of player”. Again, this sheds no actual light on the situation.

No player is an IR type of player. No player plans on getting hurt and ending their season. Just another smoke screen for Chip Kelly.,

Kiko is due back from Florida on Friday. Once he is back in Philadelphia from his second opinion visit with Dr. Andrews the team should be in a position to give an official statement on his health.

We can only sit and wait at this point and hope that season ending surgery is not in Kiko’s future.

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