The Philadelphia Union will host the Sporting KC tomorrow night at home kick off 7 pm.  Both teams will be battling it out in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Final. The festivities will kick off much earlier with fans tailgating, along with a list of other activities announced here Philadelphia Union.  For those of us who can not make it, for fear of being seen on the Stadium Jumbo-tron the game will be airing on ESPN2.

So, why did I choose that particular photo of Jim Curtin as my featured image? ¬†I see a man with big decisions, and some heavy thoughts running through his mind. ¬†On Sunday September 27th, I typed the following comment on the Philadelphia Union Fan Discussion Facebook page. ¬†“It’s in Curtin’s hands, he chooses the team. We support the team, and at the end of the day. ¬†It’s Curtin’s job on the line.” ¬†O.k that last thought, well according to Dave Zeitlin of ¬†¬† his job may not be “on the line.” ¬† It seems for better or worst the Union ownership has put its faith in Coach Curtin. ¬†Speaking of faith, I asked the readers of the¬†Philly soccer page¬†to put their faith in Jim Curtin in a Fan’s view posting back in November of 2014. ¬†In that article I also asked for fans to have some patience while Jim Curtin goes through the growing pains of learning how to¬†Manage an MLS team.

Well the good news is Coach Curtin learned a valuable lesson from last years missed opportunity and decided to rest most of the starting “11” during last Saturday’s match. ¬†The few regulars that were in the game only saw about 45.’ Two of the Union players, took advantage of the opportunity given to them in N.E. Andr√© Blake and Fernando Aristeguieta¬†displayed some of their special talents and gave Coach Curtin more to ponder. ¬†Fernando scored in the 65′ (assist given to Creavale) ¬†this leveled the game 1-1. ¬†Shortly after “Nando’s” goal the Andr√© Blake show began. ¬†The Union hunkered down while¬†trying to steal a point from the game. ¬†Andr√© Blake Athletically sometimes aerobically Saved shot after shot with a grand total of 10 team record-setting saves. ¬†Here is the kicker, ¬†John McCarthy the other available Union Goal keeper tended the Net as the Union climbed through the rounds leading up to this final¬†game. ¬†Who would you place between the post? ¬†I know which keeper would be defending my net, but I am just a fan. ¬†As a fan I must have faith in Coach Curtin’s Decision. ¬†As a Fan I must have faith in the team to find a way to succeed in this match. ¬†As a Fan it’s my job to Support this team from kick off to the final whistle. ¬†Now the bad news Coach Peter Vermes also decided to rest Sporting KC’s starting “11” in their match against the Seattle Sounders. ¬†With both teams rested and a trophy on the line. ¬†We should expect an incredible nail-biting, stand on your feet, hold your breath and ¬†I can’t look away Grand finale to the Lamar Hunt U.S Open Cup tournament.



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