Before the game on Monday night Sam Bradford hadn’t played a regular season game in over 600 days, and that showed over the course of the first half of Monday’s game, completing only about half of his passes. Everything seemed out of sync in the first half, he was missing open receivers and was taking a beating from the Falcons defense. This should have been expected by Eagle fans, preseason means nothing once the regular season rolls around. Expecting a guy to perform at the highest level possible, who hasn’t played in 600 just isn’t realistic.

There were plenty of bright spots for Bradford though like in the second half Bradford looked like the seasoned pro that he is, and completed 84 percent of his passes. Another thing that may have helped Bradford settle into that game would have probably been not having him throw the ball 52 times and only running the ball 16 times with the three Pro-Bowl caliber running backs the Eagles have. The way the game was called certainly looked like one being called from Andy Reid not Chip Kelly. The 4th and 1 call, Chip wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. It seemed like he wanted to go for it instead of kicking the field goal, which he should have done. Unfortunately, he sent the field goal unit out there and the seemingly automatic Parkey last year, missed a 44-yard field as time was running out in the final quarter of the game. He seems to be on a downward trend a looks more the Alex Henery did. The Eagles haven’t had a consistent kicker since Akers left, Parkey will have the rest of the season to prove that he’s not a one-season-wonder, otherwise like Henery he’ll be gone.

Defensively besides a few bright spots like Alonso touchdown saving interception, the defense look about the same as last years defense. Maxwell looked like the guy he replaced Fletcher, giving up big plays to both Jones and White. Nolan Carroll didn’t look that great either. Jenkins had a couple of good plays but he dropped two very easy interceptions he should have caught. Officiating I thought there were some very ticky-tacky calls made by the officiating crew, although they didn’t have a huge impact on the game it still felt like they were making calls up.

Looking ahead to Dallas Week! Dallas one of the most hated teams in the by Eagle fans, are coming to the Linc this Sunday. In the words of DeMeco Ryans “the stadium’s going to be electric”. It will be more than electric, the Cowboys coming off a last second win over the Giants, have some momentum. However the Cowboys will be without their star wide receiver Dez Bryant, who is likely out for 4-6 weeks. With Bryant being out the Cowboys to me don’t really have any real offensive threats. Their make-shift backfield and lackluster wide receiver corps, shouldn’t be a hand-full for the Eagles defensively, the only concern I may have is Jason Witten. The Eagles secondary should be able to keep him in check. As far as the game goes I look for the Eagles to run the ball and tire the Dallas defense out and look for the Eagles to get ahead early and never look back. Until Sunday afternoon, Fly Eagles Fly!!

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