It was reported yesterday that Maikel Franco hit off a tee at the ballpark and felt no pain in his wrist after taking ten swings. This suggest that a return for Franco this season is still likely, but if the Phillies are smart, they will decide to shut him down for the season.

There is no reason for him to come back in 2015 and Franco should just take this time to rest up for 2016. The rookie has pretty much exceeded all expectations this year and he could have possibly challenged for the Rookie of the Year award if the wrist injury didn’t halt his season. Even though 77 games is kind of a small sample size, there is no doubt Maikel Franco is going to be one of the cornerstones the Phillies are going to build around for the future. Franco will be the anchor of this lineup for years to come and could become a star in the league.

From a fan’s perspective, it would be nice to have Maikel Franco back for what’s left of the 2015 season because he’s an exciting player to watch and watching him everyday sometimes takes your mind off how bad the team is. Watching young players like Franco, Aaron Nola, Ken Giles etc. gives us hope that the Phillies will be able to climb back up to top of the mountain again and make this city baseball paradise once more.

However, with Maikel Franco being a huge key to the Phillies future, the team shouldn’t mess around with him and it would be best for them to shut down Franco and look towards 2016.



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