I have been a fan of the Union since 2010. ¬†I attended the first game at PPL Park with my wife, ¬†my brother and my sister-in-law. ¬†Sometime, during the second season I found an awesome soccer related website. ¬†The website covers everything soccer in the greater Philadelphia area, mostly focusing on the Union. ¬†I ¬†had the pleasure of posting a hand full of (fan’s views), an opportunity for their readers to share opinions and personal stories related to all things Union. ¬†Some of you reading this may have an idea as to the website I am referring too. ¬†For those not familiar, ¬†The Philly Soccer Page¬† is one of many soccer specific websites available to local Union fans. ¬†As much as I enjoy the content available, I really enjoy reading the comment section under each article. ¬†Some are quite humorous, most are very insightful and I really learn something from each comment.

Another site that covers the Union, which I enjoy visiting often is the The Brotherly Game.  Again this page has several segments covering every aspect of the Union.  The Brotherly game also gives readers the opportunity to comment under their articles.  The readers have some pretty thoughtful comments too and a few funny ones as well.  I see so many comments on the above mentioned soccer specific websites and on Facebook fan forums like the Philadelphia Union fan Discussion.  Yet very rarely do I spot a soccer fan commenting on a soccer related article on a multi-sport website.  I found myself asking the question why?

Do Union fans, soccer fans, in general fear being trolled or are we simply more comfortable in our own surroundings?  I really would like to encourage my readers and soccer fans throughout the region to comment on websites they enjoy and then take a step out into the open field of general sports media and local news media sites,  comment on soccer related material.  Ignore the comments, putting down the sport we love.  Show the rest of the internet sports community like   Comcast Sports Network and Philadelphia cbslocal  just as examples of  two multi-sport websites on the internet.  As supporters/fans, we must act as our own advocates to broaden the coverage of  soccer on non soccer specific websites.

I have recently joined this website as a contributor for Union material. ¬†Why this site? ¬† Well, because I like the idea of sharing my opinions and news about the Philadelphia Union on a site that covers all the sports.¬†¬†I want to spread the word about the Union and what is happening down in Chester. ¬†My hope is to spread the joy of soccer to¬†someone reading an article about the Phillies, Flyers, 76ers, and yes even the Eagles. ¬†Maybe one of my or one of my fellow contributors’ titles, will catch an eye of a fan of another sport. ¬†I don’t want to steal them from the other sport, but hope to encourage them to add soccer to their sport portfolio.



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