Well my favorite time of the year is finally here, no more long summer days awaiting the start of Eagles season. A clean slate to start anew from last year’s cornerback disaster. The Eagles had what I thought was a very impressive preseason, which was of course filled with a lot of drama and questions, one of the main ones being “how were Sam Bradford knees going to hold up?” Well judging by the preseason games against Baltimore and Green Bay they held up pretty good and he looked like he never missed a beat.

The next major question of the preseason was, who was going to be the third-string quarterback – Tebow or Barkley? Once Chip traded Barkley away, it seemed almost certain that it was indeed Tebow time in Philadelphia, but Chip tricked us all and sent him packing in what seemed like Tebow’s final audition for the NFL for Stephen Morris, an undrafted second year player out of Miami. He made the Jaguars practice squad last season but failed to make it this year and was picked up by the Eagles. Granted he’s only the third string quarterback, so it’s unlikely that he will see much playing time, but I guess Chip and his staff saw something in him that some of us don’t see yet. The only recent time I remember the Eagles needing the third string quarterback is back in 2002 when McNabb and Detmer got injured, leaving A.J. Feeley at the helm.

Preseason drama aside this should be a very exciting season. Nelson Aghlor seems to be the perfect replacement for Maclin. He has all the things you look for in a wide receiver – speed, quickness, elusiveness, good hand, and good route-running. Matthews, after a great rookie season, will have to prove himself this season. All signs are pointing to Aghlor and Matthews being the team’s top two receivers. A new three-headed monster is in town – Murray, Matthews, and Sproles. This group of back fielders has me very excited – could we have two 1,000 yard rusher? I think so but time will only tell. One week till opening night against the Falcons, a great way to start the season in primetime on Monday night. Until next Monday, Fly Eagles Fly!

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