The Eagles were in serious need of wide receiver help so it was no surprise when the team drafted one in the first round of this past year’s draft. With the 20th overall pick, the Eagles selected Nelson Agholor out of USC, who was said to be a carbon copy of now Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, Jeremy Maclin. I was very high on Agholor, when the team drafted him and I said he would be offensive rookie of year. Yesterday, I saw him live against the Colts and man can this kid play.

Agholor caught three of five targets for 57 yards and a touchdown and just looked really comfortable out there. He showed off his athleticism by turning a ball that was almost thrown over his head on a curl route into a 34-yard run after the catch to the end zone. Agholor demonstrated his quickness as he was able to quickly regain his balance and kick it into to gear down the sideline. He also looked elusive on a couple of other catches, being able to get great separation from defenders and getting upfield in a hurry.

Agholor is a weapon that can used in so many different ways and it would be a surprise if he wasn’t starting in Week 1. Agholor combined with Jordan Matthews could end up being one of the best wide receiver duos in the league. The two of them should have many opportunities this year to make plays and they will be helped by the fact that the Eagles have the best running back corps in the league so play-action should be able to open windows for Agholor and Matthews.

Nelson Agholor has all the skills necessary to be a big factor this year and with the way the offense is set up, there is no reason why he won’t be able to have a huge impact. Eagles fans should just sit back and get ready to enjoy the show.

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