Today, Andre Blake took to the podium as the guest player during the weekly press conference. ¬†When asked over the phone by a reporter, if he was ever worried during the strange process of first being drafted then Rais, now the pressure of the situation the team is in needing points-three points.(note Question¬†paraphrased) ¬†Andre Blake gave the following response. ¬†” Yeah I just think it’s the Andre Blake story. ¬†You know sometimes you have to go through tough times to build character I just think um it’s the year for me and hopefully something great is coming down the line.”

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That first line in his response grabbed me. ¬†The Andre Blake story. He’s right it’s been a story. ¬†Let’s go back to January 2014. ¬†The 2014 MLS Super Draft was right here in Philadelphia at the Convention Center. ¬†A large contingent of Union Fans were in the conference hall awaiting the Union’s first pick. ¬†I’m pretty confident, I wasn’t the only fan in attendance, shocked to hear the Philadelphia Union had traded up to get the number one spot to acquire a Goal keeper Andre Blake. ¬†There were many ¬†stunned fans. ¬†I found myself¬†¬†confused¬†at first and then they showed the following highlight film. Yes, it’s just a highlight film. ¬†However, after I watched that 3-minute video I began to understand, to see what may have been the thought process for acquiring Andre Blake. ¬†The athletic ability displayed in that video was just amazing. ¬†Mr. Blake’s reactions to close range shots were impressive.

In 2014 he started in one MLS game.  The results of that game Houston Dynamo 2-0 Philadelphia Union.  The following highlights will show moments of pure athletic ability stopping shots.  It will also show a young keeper making a couple of rookie mistakes.

After watching this¬†video maybe we see why Rais M’ bolhi was so hard to pass up.

During the off-season the front office decided¬†to loan Zack Macmath to the Colorodo Rapids¬†. ¬†This made Andre Blake the presumed second keeper. ¬†This is until Blake under went knee surgery in February. ¬†The team benched ¬†Rais M’bolhi. ¬† By some insane amount of bad luck,¬†when Andre Blake could be given his second chance as the starting goal keeper, he re-injures his knee. ¬† Now here we are, Blake had a good game in Montreal last Saturday night. ¬†Andre is getting his next opportunity to shine this weekend against the New England Revolution 8/29 7 pm on the Comcast Network. ¬†Let’s watch and see, what is in store in the next chapter of the Andre Blake Story.

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