The Philadelphia Union announced in November of 2014 their intentions of hiring a Director of soccer operations.  This announcement came from the team owner Mr. Jay Sugarman during a press conference.  The very sight of Mr. Sugarman was news worthy, for he has not been readily available to the media or the fans.  More recently the Union have announced the beginning of a new USL team owned and operated by the Union.  Now, within the last 24 hours news originally reported by (Kevin,Kinkead of cbs3) Rais M’bohli  has left the Union for Turky.  It was later released by the Turkish club Antalyaspor.

It is time now for a Director of Soccer operations, this person will be vital in the upcoming months.  The yet named, possibly not even identified person must act as the linchpin between the youth development program and the first team.  First priority find and recruit players for both the USL team and for the Union.  Between Carlos Valdes and Rais M’Bolhi the Union will have $750,000.00 in cap space available.  The Director, Coach Curtin, and Technical Director/Assistant Coach Chris Albright can work together to maximize those available funds.

There are other very important decisions to make, like what to do about upcoming expiring loans.  Players Fernando Aristeguieta, and Steven Vitória should we extend those loans, make arrangements to acquire them completely or should the Union move on.  Many Union fans would say, the bigger question for the Union to answer.  How will they keep Cristian Maidana and Vincent Nogueira?   Lastly, the owner himself said, there was a need for a Director of Soccer Operations.  If the Union want to keep credibility with the fans, the time to act is now.




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