I am no expert by any means, but what gives me the right to judge these professional athletes? The fact that I live and die with the Union. The fact that half of my kids closets are taken up with Union gear. The fact that I am re-dooping my season tickets again this year, in hopes that next year is our year. I know, I know, as a Philadelphia sports fan, we have said this multiple times about our teams. But now is the time to let the ownership know how we feel. And having dealt with this ownership team, I know that they are good people who don’t like criticism. They like the “Hey great job, but what do you think about this::?” Could they spend more money and get some high caliber players? Sure they could, but they have a talented team now. I am by no way saying we don’t need some help, but when our team is healthy, which has not happened this year, I strongly believe we can hang with any other team.

So without any further Edu, (see what I did there?), here is my 3rd quarter grades for some of the players:

maurice-edu-philadelphia-union-mls-soccer-player      Maurice Edu:  When he is on, he is on. The problem is inconsistency. But I can’t put that all on him. The Union has been faced with so many injuries, that he finds out who he is on the pitch about the same time we do. So as of now, I’m going to give you a B-. You’re a good man Mo, and no one can question your heart on the field, just keep your head in it. Keep the penalties down. An A is obtainable

Sebastien Le Toux      Le Toux:  Can we call him the big brother of the team? You give 110% every time you are on the field, but time catches up with all of us. Definitely deserves a starting position when he is healthy. But may not have the legs to start every game. A natural leader and fantastic guy on and off the field, there is not one team that can say they wouldn’t like him on their roster. You are the face that puts fans in the seats. I’m giving you an A-/B+. And the reason you have the B-? Unfortunately, Philly fans only care about winning. True fans see what you do. When Philly thinks about The Union, your name is usually synonymous with how they are doing. Sorry my friend, but welcome to Philly.

christian-maidana-philadelphia-union   Cristian Maidana(Chaco): As I mentioned last article, he is the future of our team. Any stats you look at, our team is better when he plays. No question. I coach at the U11 level, and I am still teaching the kids that it is a team game. And Chaco’s 11 assist this year is what I want my players to see. I told everyone last year, that he would be a star, and that the Union need to sign him long term. They better! Chaco..an easy A. From what you can do on the field, to how you are a friend off the field, you deserve the best. My kids absolutely idolize you, and I am ok with that. If they grow up with your class and humbleness, the world will be a better place. Congrats on the wedding, your family and bride are all beautiful.  Cheers! You deserve the highest award they give out.


HAHAHA… Thats funny right there! Nuff said

McCarthy     John McCarthy: The new kid on the block. Brother, you’re a stud. All the fans love you. Your ability on the field is only out shined by your kindness off the field. You have no fear in the net, and with experience, you will be an elite keeper. Trust me. Watch when John takes the field, the crowd goes crazy. Does it help that he is a local by? I think it did in the beginning, but he has more than proven himself on this team. And what you have done for TeamCameron still leaves me speechless. Next we will organize the parade in Aston. You easily deserve this A. But you also get the presidents award. Keep it up my friend. Look forward to years of #55!


So that’s all for now, I will finish after Wednesday’s game vs. Chicago. Onto the finals boys. 18 thousand cheering you on. Bring Philly the trophy, and first round is on me.

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  1. swagger out on a milli

    August 12, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    Le Toux has been horrible this season, what are you watching that makes you think he should have an A-? you talk more about your kids than the actual players, “And having dealt with this ownership team, I know that they are good people who don’t like criticism.” you don’t seem to like criticism either which makes rating players useless if you’re just gonna say everyone’s great. no one on the team should have an “A” besides maybe Nog but even he has made some mistakes this year.


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