The NFL offseason has been draped by the gray cloud of “Deflategate:” the ongoing developments of Tom Brady allegedly deflating footballs in the AFC Championship game to gain an illegal advantage against the Indianapolis Colts.

Following the ruling that Brady will be suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season, Players’ Union has decided to file for an injunction on behalf of the four-time Super Bowl Champion.

“When Brady hoes to court, its essentially asking the federal judge to set aside what is essentially an arbitration award,” sports attorney Howard Jacobs told Philadelphia Sports Nation.

“The federal judge will not look at the facts and re-hear the case: he’ll just be looking at, in essence, whether there was an impartial arbitrator. There are very limited grounds under which a judge would set aside or vacate an arbitration award. It’s going be an uphill battle for Brady.”

Obviously, the cost and effort of pursuing this issue even further against such high odds, would be daunting in the eyes of most. But for Brady, there’s a lot to gain, and very little to lose: “The cost of a four-game suspension for Tom Brady is pretty high, and its pretty unlikely that he’ll be spending that amount in legal fees,” Jacobs explained. ” and I think the Union is paying for it anyway. From the union’s perspective, their goals in going to court have less to do with Brady and more to do with process.”

With Brady’s current suspension, he would mis the Patriots’ clash against the Dallas Cowboys, so Philadelphia fans will be rooting for Brady and the Union to win in court. When asked how likely it was that Brady succeeds in his efforts. Jacobs said, “It’s hard to say, but those are not easy cases to win.”

Seems as if the Eagles will be giving the Cowboys a head start in the chase to win the NF East this season.

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