Life of an Eagles’ fan 2015. We hold our breath whenever we get a notification that our team made a move. An offseason that included a flurry of trades and moved players seems to have packed it’s final blow to every Eagles’ fan’s heart for the 2015 offseason. Reports broke on the afternoon of August 1st, the eve of the first day of training camp, that another fan favorite, Brandon Boykin, had been traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers in return for a conditional 5th round pick in 2015–that would turn into a 4th rounder if he plays 60% of the snaps or more–and hence, the Eagles’ secondary make over is complete.

Boykin, who played 494 snaps compared to Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams who played over 1000 each, was in contract year and never really seemed to be in the Eagles’ plans moving forward. He responded to this trade with a “Thank You” tweet to the fans of Philadelphia, and his tenure with the Birds came to a close. Unfortunately, like a few other players that were released by this fairly outspoken head coach, Brandon Boykin did not stop there, and a text surfaced of Boykin stating, and I quote, “Chip is uncomfortable around grown men of our culture.” Relaying a comment like this based on ones we heard the few months prior, the initial reaction was another player was accusing Chip Kelly of being a racist. When asked about it, Kelly said he was surprised by the comments and stated that Boykin showed no hard feelings and gave him a hug the night prior.

Hours passed, and once Boykin arrived to Steelers’ camp in Latrobe, he clarified his comments. He says that Chip is indeed not a racist, but the fact that players had a hard time interacting with him and wanted him to relate to them more is what he was trying to say. During his press conference, Kelly was asked about the racist allegations, to which he responded “Ask the players in the building, not me.”

Fletcher Cox, after the first day of camp ended, was asked about this matter and said there is zero truth surrounding his head coach being racist. Malcolm Jenkins added to that stating “It is not that Chip doesn’t understand the culture, it’s that no one man is bigger than the team.” Which brings me to say that until players within the organization have an issue with the coach, like the Harbaugh/49ers scenario, comments by departed players/coaches should be taken lightly, and the fan base should stop worrying and believing these absurd assumptions. This team is a special story in the making, and as a fan myself, I am looking forward to continuing this exciting ride.

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